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Islam - The Religion of Apartheid & Leering


Islam - The Religion of Apartheid & Leering

Listen to any moderate Muslim leader today and they accuse Israel of being an apartheid state. But, if you check any facts at all, you will discover that Islam is an apartheid religion with one set of laws for Muslims (and highways) and another set of laws for infidels like me - much like the communists. If you don't like the brutality of Islamic governance, there is always a paddy wagon for those young people who stare at the local police.
MAKKAH, 21 May 2007 — A Sri Lankan Christian was arrested in the holy city of Makkah, which is off-limits to non-Muslims, by the Expatriates Monitoring Committee in Makkah.

The authorities were able to verify the identity of the man, who had claimed he had overstayed his Umrah visa, by running his details through a new fingerprints system.


“The Grand Mosque and the holy city are forbidden to non-Muslims,” said Matrafi. “The new fingerprints system is very helpful and will help us a lot to discover the identity of a lot of criminals and overstayers,” he added.

Islam…the religion of tolerance.

Imagine for a moment if Rome was governed this way - the howls of outrage would be deafening. So, why is the world media silent on the reality that is Islam? They are afraid, of course.

And no wonder they are afraid - you can get arrested in a Muslim state for staring at the police.
Publius Pundit:
Please, see by yourself the state terrorism practised by the Islamic Republic regime against the Iranian people. See these youths being literally tortured in public by the Bassijis/Hezbollah security forces. These youths are accused of being anti-regime activists, non-observing the Islamic Republic's strict dress code or looking at the security forces 'in a certain manner'. This is the State Terrorism practed by the Terrorist regime founded by Khomeini with the complicity of the European and American Left, mainly Giscard Estaing and Jimmy Carter, America's worst former president. [ edited for reading clarity]
Islam is the religion of despots, the deceitful and the dangerous. Submission?

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