Friday, June 16, 2006


Why we can never lump anti-Islamism, anti-Islamic feelings or Islamophobia with racism & general bigotry

Why we can never lump anti-Islamism or Islamophobia with racism & general bigotry.

Without condoning violence of any kind, let's not have a blurry picture on the most understandable feelings in the west.

Whether it's in Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, UK, Australia or US, heck! Even France, we can not let the unique intolerance to those that are intolerant to all of us be lumped into 'any racism' or just 'any common bigotry'.

What's different about Islamophobia than "general pure racism" that there are so many ( ) serious LEGITIMATE reasons (global victims) behind anti-Islamism.

It has more to do with a legitimate fear for safety for all of us, for those around us & for the world as a whole.

Another aspect why CAIR & it's appeasers are totally out of touch with reality.

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I have never anyone talk about Arab racism before. Very interesting site.

Wyatt Kaldenberg
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