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Iran's sputnik [no negotiations w/ fanatical Mullahs bend on world domination!]

Iran's sputnik [no negotiations w/ fanatical Mullahs bend on world domination!]

CS Monitor

02/25/2007 Iran's sputnik Christian Science Monitor - Its space launch shows Tehran wants to be a global military player - one more reason for UN sanctions. Negotiating isn't always done in words.

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Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam

Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam


Sir Ian Blair: Police and universities working together to tackle 'aggresive conversions'
Extremist Muslims who force vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are being targeted by police, Met chief Sir Ian Blair has revealed.

Police are working with universities to clamp down on "aggressive conversions" during which girls are beaten up and forced to abandon university courses.

  • Muslim pupils 'need their own showers'

  • The Hindu Forum of Britain claims hundreds of mostly Sikh and Hindu girls have been intimidated by Muslim men who take them out on dates before terrorising them until they convert.

    Sir Ian spoke about the problem at a conference organised by the forum.

    A Met spokesman said: "Neighbourhood officers work with university authorities in London and we would encourage anyone targeted in this way to seek help and support and where necessary use third party reporting facilities if they do not want to contact police directly."

    Ramesh Kallidai, of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: "Some girls are petrified because they are constantly being phoned up, having their door knocked.

    "One girl was beaten up on the street and others have been forced to leave university."

    • Met police chiefs are to review a controversial stop-and-search power used in the fight against terrorism. Assistant commissioner Andy Hayman, the overall head of Britain's anti-terrorist operations, said he had concerns about the number of stops carried out in London using Section 44 legislation.

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    Saturday, February 24, 2007


    Ugandan archbishop says that Militant Islam is century’s key challenge

    Ugandan archbishop says that Militant Islam is century’s key challenge

    Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda
    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — Much of the church is asleep or in “deep, dark denial” about Islam, Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda said in New York City at the Kairos Journal Award dinner Jan. 26.

    This was revealed in a story by Gregory Tomlin for Baptist press ( in which he wrote, “Orombi, named one of World magazine’s ‘Daniels of the Year’ for 2006, has been at the forefront of the Anglican church’s controversy over the open acceptance and ordination of homosexual ministers, is one of Africa’s leading voices for biblical fidelity.

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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007


    Two Chicago-Area MUSLIM Men Arrested In Ohio Terrorism Case

    Two Chicago-Area Men Arrested In Ohio Terrorism Case

    ... North Chicago and 26-year-old Khaleel Ahmed were indicted by a grand jury in Cleveland that also indicted three others already facing terrorism charges. ...

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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007


    Officials: 3 Americans abducted in West Bank

    Officials: 3 Americans abducted in West Bank
    CNN International

    NABLUS, West Bank (AP) -- Three American women were kidnapped Tuesday in the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian security officials said.

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    Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism

    Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism

    Global Politician, NY

    Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism
    Fjordman - 2/20/2007
    I have heard people who have grown up in former Communist countries say that we in the West are at least as brainwashed by Multiculturalism and Political Correctness as they ever were with Communism, perhaps more so. Even in the heyday of the East Bloc, there were active dissident groups in these countries. The scary thing is, I sometimes believe they are right.

    But how is that possible? Don’t we have free speech? And we have no Gulag?

    Right away, everyone would have said: ‘Fascism won’t be tolerated.’ When an Arab torches a school, it’s rebellion. When a white guy does it, it’s fascism. ...

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    Islamists Blamed in Indo-Pakistani Train Bombing

    Islamists Blamed in Indo-Pakistani Train Bombing

    By The Daily Telegraph

    February 20, 2007

    PANIPAT, India — Islamist militants were accused of trying to halt the nascent Indo-Pakistan peace talks yesterday after two bombs exploded on the New Delhi-to-Lahore train killing at least 66 people, including women and children.

    The blasts, which killed mostly Pakistanis returning home after visiting relatives in India, came just 24 hours before Pakistan's foreign minister was due in New Delhi for a fresh round of talks to resolve the status of Kashmir .

    The attack, mounted using crude kerosene-based incendiary devices packed into suitcases, set off fires in two of the carriages shortly after midnight local time as the train reached Panipat, a industrial town 50 miles north of New Delhi.

    The train link, known as the "Friendship Express," was restarted after a two-year hiatus in 2004 as a peace dividend, reuniting families divided by the Partition of India in 1947.

    Indian police said the death toll would have been considerably higher had two other explosive devices that were found on the train not failed to detonate.

    Local witnesses described how passengers leapt from the train with their clothes on fire as the screams of those trapped inside filled the night. As most Indian trains have steel rods instead of glass fitted in the windows many were left trapped as temperatures rose high enough to melt metal and fuse doors closed. A laborer who lives, Rajinder Prasad, said he had rushed to the scene with his neighbors. There, they scooped up water from a reservoir and threw it on the flames, which towered above the carriages.

    "We couldn't save anyone," he said. "They were screaming inside, but no one could get out." Within minutes, he added, the screams were silenced by the flames.

    There were scenes of distress at Panipat's Civil Hospital where relatives came to identify the remains of their loved ones, many of whom police said will be identified only by post-mortem examinations.

    Yesterday, both countries insisted that the talks, which began three years ago in an attempt to resolve the 60-year-old dispute over the Himalayan state of Kashmir, would not be thwarted by terrorism. India's Prime Minister Singh issued a statement expressing "anguish and grief" at the loss of life, while the country's home minister, Shiv Raj Patil, said, "Whoever has done it is against peace, against the friendly ties that we are trying to build with other countries."

    New Delhi's response was in contrast to July last year when Islamist militants were blamed for causing 186 deaths in a coordinated series of bomb blasts on the commuter rail network in India's commercial capital, Mumbai.

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    The New, Improved, Less Ghastly, Terrorists (re: 100,000 civilians slaughtered by Muslim militants)

    The New, Improved, Less Ghastly, Terrorists (re: 100,000 civilians slaughtered by Muslim militants)

    The New, Improved, Less Ghastly, Terrorists

    February 19, 2007

    Many Algerians are demanding harsher treatment of Islamic terrorists. Over 100,000 civilians were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in the last fifteen years...

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    Monday, February 19, 2007


    Infidel; Murder In Amsterdam; In The Name of Honour; Shame

    Infidel; Murder In Amsterdam; In The Name of Honour; Shame

    Paul Sheehan
    February 17, 2007

    Three books by three women describe the violent suppression
    affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of women.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Ian Buruma; Mukhtar Mai; Jasvinder Sanghera
    Society/Politics, Fiction
    Free Press; Atlantic Books; Virago; Hodder Stoughton

    WE ARE TOLD we are living through a clash of civilisations, a
    clash between militant Islam and the infidels.

    This is only the surface tension. There is a clash of
    civilisations, but the deeper cause is not religion. It is sex. A
    great cultural struggle is being waged about and around the rights
    of women.

    This month, three books by three women describe the violent
    suppression that affected not just their own lives but the lives of
    hundreds of millions of women like them.

    For years, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the author of Infidel, was
    a devout Muslim. She does not spare the gritty details of her life.
    As a girl in Somalia, she had her clitoris removed to make her
    "pure". Her clitoris and labia were cut off with scissors while she
    screamed. The wound was sown up to form a thick band of scar
    tissue, a natural chastity belt. She describes her wedding night,
    her divorce, then the arranged marriage to a man she despised, and
    her escape to Europe, bringing shame and infamy to her family and

    In Holland, she began to ask awkward questions: "This was an
    infidel country. Why was it, then, so much better run, better led,
    and made for such better lives than the places we came from?
    Shouldn't the places where Allah was worshipped and His laws obeyed
    have been at peace and wealthy, the unbelievers' countries
    ignorant, poor and at war?"

    Working as a translator, she finds herself in women's shelters
    largely full of Muslim women and police stations largely full of
    Muslim men. After a decade, she concluded the host society was not
    the problem: "If Muslims lagged so far behind even other immigrant
    groups, then wasn't it possible that one of the reasons could be
    Islam? Islam influences every aspect of believers' lives. Women are
    denied their social and economic rights in the name of Islam, and
    ignorant women bring up ignorant children."

    After graduating in political science from the elite Leiden
    University, she begins to speak out against the domestic tyranny
    imported from the Muslim world. As a beautiful black Muslim willing
    to criticise Islam and Muslims, she is singular in Holland. She
    becomes a media favourite, then a political favourite, then a
    member of parliament. The next chapter in her life is well known.
    In 2004, after writing the script for a TV film critical of Islam's
    treatment of women, the filmmaker, Theo van Gogh, was butchered in
    the street by an Islamic fundamentalist. Police swooped in to spare
    Hirsi Ali the same fate.

    The story of van Gogh's murder is also examined by Ian Buruma in
    Murder In Amsterdam. Buruma, an accomplished journalist
    and native Dutch speaker, provides a more detached, deeper and
    measured version of this story than Infidel. Like Hirsi
    Ali, he recognises that not long ago Europe itself was locked in
    the grip of religious and male dominance. "Few people in Holland
    remember how recently emancipation of women came to the Dutch, or
    to other Europeans for that matter."

    Like many liberals, Buruma is so concerned with being fair to
    the poor and the marginalised that he understates, even patronises,
    the desire for social cohesion by the native Dutch population. His
    depictions of Dutch nationalists are often patronising. He compares
    Hirsi Ali with Margaret Thatcher.

    Yet Buruma never adequately confronts or undermines her most
    provocative assertion, that the majority of Muslims in Holland have
    failed to integrate as have other immigrants because they don't
    want to integrate, because they are more racist and insular than
    the host society.

    Hirsi Ali is not the only furious woman who risked her life and
    caused an international sensation in confronting sexual hypocrisy
    in Muslim society. In In The Name Of Honour, Mukhtar Mai
    tells a simple story that is Shakespearean in its melodrama and
    sweeping implications. Mai was living in the village of Meerwala,
    in southern Punjab, when she was gang-raped on the orders of a
    village council on June 22, 2002. It was "honour justice" imposed
    as punishment for a patently trumped-up charge against Mai's
    younger brother, who had been accused of sexual impropriety with a
    woman from a higher caste, and powerful clan, in the district.

    "I will never forget the faces of those animals," Mai says of
    her rapists. "They don't even need to use their weapons. Rape kills
    her. Rape is the ultimate weapon: it shames the other clan for

    Instead of committing suicide, the normal practice, she goes to
    the police and names her rapists. Her memoir is her journey through
    the justice system, the attempt by the police to cover up the
    crime, the media intervention, the threats to her life, the
    subsequent rape trial. "In order to fight, it seems that I must
    lose everything: my reputation, my honour, everything that was once
    my life. But that's not important. I want justice."

    Her voice is channelled through a French writer, Marie-Therese
    Cuny, whose name does not appear on the cover but who is
    ever-present as she turns Mai's pain into prose and her statements
    into drama.

    A fourth book, Shame, by Jasvinder Sanghera, is no
    literary work but has the authority of personal witness and pain.
    It supports the argument put by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Mukhtar Mai
    that tens of millions of Asian and Muslim women suffer an invisible
    fate of fear, violence, submission and confinement, even in Europe.
    Shame also supports Hirsi Ali's claim that immigrants
    bring racism with them: "The worst thing that you can say to an
    Asian girl is that she is behaving like a white person".

    Sanghera is not Muslim. Her family is Sikh, from India. They
    lived in a quintessentially English address, Northumberland Street,
    Derby, but five of the six daughters were forced into arranged
    marriages that proved variously disastrous.

    Only Jasvinder escaped because she ran away at 16: "The
    photograph of the man I was supposed to marry was on the
    mantelpiece," she writes. "He was ugly as well as short, he looked
    much older than me and he had a stupid haircut."

    Her sister, Robina, trapped in a violent marriage, commits
    suicide by burning herself to death, the fate of countless Asian
    wives. "If Robina had only ... found the courage to reach out and
    embrace the culture of the country she was born in, she needn't
    have died ... I knew there were other women like me and Robina. I
    see them every day in Derby, scuttling about like shadows."
    Sanghera graduates from university and opens a centre for abused
    Asian women, Karma Nirvana. The women come, bringing the now
    familiar stories of forced marriage, rape, shame, violence and

    In Pakistan, Mukhtar Mai has used her compensation payment and
    donations from abroad to build a school for girls in her village, a
    drop in the bucket of illiteracy. In Washington, where Ayaan Hirsi
    Ali has gone into exile, she is a fellow at the American Enterprise
    Institute where she will continue to write and speak about the
    conditions of Muslim women. "There are times when silence becomes
    an accomplice to injustice," she writes in Infidel. No one can ever
    say we were not told.

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    Activist blasts Muslims, Arabs over Darfur stance

    Activist blasts Muslims, Arabs over Darfur stance

    Web posted at: 2/20/2007 2:7:51

    Source ::: The Peninsula / By MOBIN PANDIT Mohamed Adam Yahya

    Doha • A human rights activist from Darfur yesterday blasted the Arab and Muslim world for what he described as its hypocritical stand on the troubled region in Sudan.

    He said Muslims from the rest of the world should be ashamed of their indifference towards fellow Muslims being persecuted in Darfur.

    Ironically, it is the Jews and Americans who are supporting the 'innocent Muslims being targeted' in the region and providing food and shelter to nearly 250,000 Darfur refugees who have fled to neighboring Chad, said Mohamed Adam Yahya.

    Yahya is the founder and executive director of the US-based ‘Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy’, a body committed to preserving human rights and ethnic communities in Darfur.

    Speaking to The Peninsula on the sidelines of the US-Islamic World Forum here, he said: "The silence of the Arab and Islamic world on the Darfur issue is not only baffling, it is shameful. Do the Arabs and Muslims have any right to criticise America?"

    Situated in the west of Sudan and spread over an area of 173,000 square miles, Darfur is double the size of France and has seven million people, mostly 'black' Muslims, living there.

    According to Yahya, Sudan's total population is around 36 million and 26 per cent of the people are of Arab origin. They have been dominating politics, education, military, government jobs as well as business and the economy ever since the country attained freedom in January 1956.

    Even though ‘black Muslims’ account for 75 per cent of Darfur's population, they do not enjoy any freedom. They are denied opportunities of education and cannot enter politics. They cannot become religious leaders or take up higher posts in the army or even become teachers.

    “All a black Darfur Muslim can hope to become is a soldier in the Sudanese army,” said Yahya. "The Arab Sudanese consider themselves as superior. They have been discriminating against us for long."

    Earlier, Yahya's scathing criticism of Muslims for their alleged silence on the plight of fellow Muslims in Darfur at the concluding session of the US-Islamic World Forum at the Ritz-Carlton yesterday was greeted with hearty applause.

    The problem in Darfur actually began in 1991 with violent clashes between 'black and Arab Muslims' taking place. Taking advantage of the widening cleavage, the present government in Khartoum began supporting a local Arab militia, called the 'Janjaweed', with arms and funds. The problem was aggravated.

    Yahya said that over the past four years alone, some 450,000 people have been killed in the region and another 250,000 have become homeless. They have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring Chad. “There is a genocide going on in the region and the Jews and the Americans are opposing it, while the Arabs and Muslims have chosen to be conveniently mum. It is ironical that Muslims are killing Muslims there,” said Yahya.

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    Why rape is not found in Islamic countries

    Why rape is not found in Islamic countries

    Most of the Islamic world follows the Shariah or Sunnah legal manual known as the ‘Umdat al-Salikwhich and are made apart of the laws of almost all Muslim countries.

    In most of the more repressed countries; such as Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Syria, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Bengali and Bahrain, the laws concerning rape are very specific.

    In the countries I listed, in order to report rape you must have a witness to the rape. There is no such thing as statutory rape in 99% of the cases brought before the courts. This is because the age of consent for all these countries is 9 years of age following with the wisdom that Aisha was 9 when she had sex with Muhammad. Only men whom prey on younger than 9 years of age and reported to the authorities are actually prosecuted but not necessarily punished.

    What made me finally understand this problem was with the organization for human rights which has more than thirty thousand (30,000) reports and with more than 10,000 documented concerning this issue. The worst offending country in the world is Iran where the moral police accounts for more than 80% of rapes which are reported. However, these reports are not followed up by the authorities because the law states that the act of rape must be witnessed or the girl's family must report it if she is under 9 years of age before there is any investigation.

    Generally most family members take revenge on the man who did the rape especially in cases of girls under 9 years of age and rarely report the crimes. Many murder cases refer to the rape of a family member as a defense against prosecution. The tragedy is that the girls are then victims of mercy killings for losing their virginity.

    Because under the Shariah and Sunnah and laws which are made from them rape is an almost impossible charge to bring. In most cases, the women are charged with moral outrage if they do try to report the rape and generally this leads to the authorities bringing charges against the woman for being immoral or a prostitute. Once these charges are brought the victim of rape may be raped many times over again by local boys and men because the woman has already been charged with moral outrage and if the woman reports the rapes again generally this leads to more charges against the rape victim. See Lunina S. Pakistan 1991. Aina S. Iran 2004. Firdaus M. Bengal 2005. Makarim I. Saudi Arabia 2000. I could list thousands but you get the picture.

    In the cases of Aina S. Iran 2004 and Firdaus M. Bengal 2005 and Makarim I. Saudi Arabia 2000 the women were put to death for moral outrage. The oldest girl was 13 and the youngest 10. These girls reported rape and their rapist were never even spoken to by the authorities. Instead, these girls were labled as moral outrage because they were unmarried and had lost their virginity. The authorites hung or beat to death these girls for simply being a victim of rape.

    This is why in most countries women rarely report the crime of rape out of fear. You add to this issue the words of an out spoken religious men like Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali unveiled women are uncovered meat for men, Mufti in Copenhagen sparked a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are "asking for rape." Arshad Misbahi Manchester's Central Mosque western women are for sexual release of muslim men, al-Rafee if I came across a rape crime, I would discipline the man and order that the woman be jailed for life. Why would you do this, Rafee? He said because if she had not left the meat uncovered, the cat wouldn’t have snatched it.

    These views are taught in all muslim schools. These views are then spread across the world.

    Facts that can not be ignored.

    Compiled data between 2000 and 2004.

    Norway 80% of rape crimes are by muslim immigrants. victims ages between 6 and 16.

    Sweeden 78% of all rape crimes are by muslim immigrants or the muslim community. Rape gangs are known to be in force in many muslim lower class areas. most victims are under 14.

    France 74% of rape victims were attacked by muslim men.

    Holland 63% rape victims identified as muslim immigrants

    Demark 85% rape victims raped by known muslim men most of which were immigrants victims ages are disturbingly low ranging from 4 to 15.

    Britan 58% rape crimes involve muslim or Islamic followers

    Germany 81% of rape victims were raped by muslim men most of which were immigrants.

    Italy 52% of rape crimes were committed by muslim men.

    USA According to the FBI 49% of all rape cases accross the US were committed by men who claim were muslim or known to belong to muslim prison gangs.

    Australia 91% of rape cases where done by muslim men mostly immigants or visiting students.

    Canada 52% of rape cases involve mulsim men.

    Spain 86% of rape cases were by muslim men.

    Another set of facts is that muslim immigrants increase crime in all countries they are in between 20 and 35%. This diffenece in the 15% is due to the differences in laws and punishments of the countries the immigrants are in. In other words, what is a crime in one country may not be in another.

    The truth is that Islamic countries have extremely low morals and values concerning women and human rights to religious tolerance.

    Most of the crimes in Europe are actually hate crimes motivated by religous jihad to try and change Europe to a Muslim world.

    Jihad today asks muslims abroad to have as many children as possible and to get on welfare of the countries they are in. They want to become the majority in the countries to change the countries from Christian to Muslim by any means available. France is a good example where it is near civil war between Muslim and Christians and governmental polices.

    So when I listen to muslims who try and say that rape and other high moral crimes are only a western issue. I say they are the greatest Liars of the world.

    Facts are facts. Check out what I have written. Google if you want. You most likely will find most of what I have posted. However, call governments to check the facts of crime rates. They are what they are.

    Muslims in general do not obey the laws of the land. They only obey those laws which they feel they want to obey.

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    Please connect the dots at ABC, no PC! Or What are the ABC of "isolated incidents?"

    Please connect the dots at ABC, no PC! Or What are the ABC of "isolated incidents?"


    Muslim Student Runs Down Classmates at UNC

    UNC attacker: 'I aimed to exact casualties'... And he refers to Mohammed Atta, ringleader of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, aqs "one of my role models."

    Suspect In UNC Hit-And-Run Smiles, Waves At Court Appearance

    Letters from a mujahid

    Taheri - Azar ' used an SUV as murder weapon because he could not get a gun' reads Koran in court during victim testimony


    Utah killer's father was in Bosnian Muslim army... "That's why I'm convinced the war did this in Utah," said Murat Avdic, a friend of the family. "There cannot be any other reason."


    Muslim Cabbie Charged With Running Over Students After Religious Dispute,2933,252783,00.html


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