Monday, April 10, 2006


Why most Arab Muslims are guilty!

We keep hearing about so called 'moderate' Muslims, it's unfortunate part is not just of their rare, scarce, handful existence, but they are not the voice of mainstream Islam nor of Arab press for that matter.

We keep being told that we should not judge Arab Muslims by the acts of "exremists", yet this is exactly what their mainstream does routinely about the west, moreover aren't these "extremists" embraced (or at least apologized for) by 'normal' Arab Muslims?

Funny creed Islamists, you can bomb own "holy" mosques crowded with own brothers & sisters, or send own kids on "holy" genocide-bombing missions, you can even have sex with prostitutes prior to a massacre on the infidels (Muhammad Atta the night before 9/11 & other Jihadists), but no, you can't have a comic little drawing on their SO CALLED "prophet".

Have you ever heard a (so called) 'Moderate' Muslim denouncing the genocide bombers on Israelis, the homicide bombers in Iraq, the massacre-bombing in NYC, Madrid, Bali, London, etc. Without implying that sick "but"?

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