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Most brutal dictator of our time SADDAM w/ Quran, devout Muslim (just like Idi Amin)

Most brutal dictator of our time SADDAM w/ Quran, devout Muslim (just like Idi Amin)

The media likes to paint him as "secular".
Well, let's just check some facts, Shall we?

(True he was more of an Arab nationalist racist but his Islamism can not be ignored!).

Saddam Had Koran Written in His Blood for Baghdad's "Mother of All Battles" Mosque

Saddam holds a Quran all the time during his trial ( Saddam — holding a copy of the Quran he brought with him into the session and held throughout — replied quietly, “I said what I said. I am not guilty,” referring to his arguments earlier in the session).

1990 Interview on ABC's Diana Sawyer (Saddam Hussein, the first Western television interview granted by the former Iraqi president for nearly a decade - he so (ironicolly) says "The biggest sin a man can make is to forget that God is greater than him".

AP Archive -Thematic Clipreels Vol 28 - Iraq, Kurdish refugee SOT about the numbers of dead he had seen AV Kurdish villages of Halbaja and ... Saddam Hussein kneeling on prayer mat and kissing ground ...

Kneeling on a prayer rug, Saddam Hussein presents his large round buttocks as the perfect “soft target” for the large American missile poised for imminent ...

During the years of the Iran-Iraq war, (where a million people lost their lives) Saddam tied himself to Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqas, an early Arab warrior who brought Islam to Iran. ).

He called on all Muslims to "fight the infidels", NewsHour Extra: Statement from Saddam Hussein Calls for Jihad ...Iraqi president Saddam Hussein calls for a holy war against coalition forces ... the religious faith of Muslims including belief in Allah as the sole deity ...

Many Sunni Arab Muslims & especially militant Al Qaeda revere him as a "holy Muslim man", (Saddam and Al Qaeda ...And the greatest holy warrior of all? “The mujahed Saddam Hussein, ...

Finally he clutches the Quran at his last moments on the gallows (Saddam Hussein dies on the gallows clutching a Quran & shouts "Allah Akbar" ).


About Idi Amin:

For Idi Amin, in defiance of Sir Donald Wolfit, comedy is easy but dying is all but ... He is apparently a devout Muslim, Allah providing the slap of firm ...

Information for Social Change Journal (ISC)Idi Amin is actually no more, and no less, than a catalyst who finally caused the ... Amin, a devout Muslim, simply said he was acting on God's orders. ...

Idi Amin, a ruthless dictator of Uganda now has asylum in Saudi Arabia. ... these tortures no doubt were derived from the Quran by this truly devout muslim. ...

lgf: He's Really Most Sincerely Dead,It was Idi Amin who warmly welcomed international terrorists to land their hijacked Air ... No wonder the Saudis felt an affinity with this devout Muslim. ...


A glimpse review of the tip of the evil iceberg of "Saddam's Iraq"

Mass graves

The Massgraves, Victims of Saddam's

Iraqi Survivors of Saddam's Mass Graves and Torture Chambers to
Speak at Heritage Foundation

Inside Saddam Hussein's Torture Chambers



Saddam's Chemical Weapons Campaign: Halabja, March 16, 1988
Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people in May, 1988. This
page illustrates that tradgedy. HIDDEN KILLERS -- Nov. 17, 1997 -- Page 2 CHEMICAL
Saddam was mass-producing mustard gas and nerve gases before the war and had
stockpiled VX, a terrifyingly deadly agent. ...,9171,987363-2,00.html

GENOCIDE IN IRAQ: The Anfal Campaign Against the Kurds (Human
...I participated in the Glorious Battle of Saddam's Qadissiyat in the Sector
... The Chemical Attacks on Goktapa and Askar The Anfal Dragnet: East of Taqtaq

Saddam's Anfal trial reopens Iraq
UpdatesProsecutors say the 1988 Anfal - Spoils of War - campaign against Kurds
included widespread use of chemical weapons, killed more than 180000 people and

BBC NEWS Middle East Saddam 'ordered chemical attack'Saddam
Hussein's genocide trial sees evidence allegedly linking him to chemical weapons
use against Kurds.

BBC NEWS World Middle East Iraqi Kurds recall chemical
attackIraqi Kurds commemorate the 14th anniversary of Iraq's chemical attack on
the city of ... Saddam is still there. Who says he is not going to do it again?
... - Kurdish town of Halabja remembers Saddam's chemical
...Across northern Iraq, Kurds observed a moment of silence Sunday to remember
the day 15 years ago that Saddam Hussein's forces launched a chemical attack on

Iraqi judges interrogate 'Chemical Ali'The former general known
as "Chemical Ali," notorious for allegedly gassing ... Al-Juhyi said the
defendants will face questioning over Saddam's Anfal ...

Chemical Ali faces Iraq hearing - Breaking News - The Iraq
general named Chemical Ali for the gassing of thousands of Kurds, ... Al-Juhyi
said the defendants will face questioning over Saddam's Anfal ...

VOA News - Saddam Trial Hears Testimony on 1980s Chemical
AttacksSaddam Trial Hears Testimony on 1980s Chemical Attacks ... documents to
show the Saddam government was behind the deadly Anfal campaign against the
Kurds. ...

The execution of Saddam Hussein without judgment on the Anfal
...The execution of Saddam Hussein without judgment on the Anfal Genocide ...
the chemical attacks on Serdasht; the chemical attacks on Halabja in 1988, ...
Arab dominated tribunal was a very unjust step toward the Kurds as victims of
the Iraqi State and Arab regimes (Arab racism)

Iran: 'Forgotten Victims' Of Saddam Hussein Era Await Justice ,
PRAGUE, December 1, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- The head of a center for Iran's disabled
war veterans announced on November 26 that Iraq's former Ba'athist regime used
chemical weapons against civilians and soldiers some 300 times in the 1980s.



palestinian islamic jihad, Muslim
terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda; Also known as Palestinian Islamic Jihad;
Supported Saddam Hussein in 2003 Iraq war against U.S. ...

Islamic Jihad, Shortly after the
commencing of hostilities in Iraq, Islamic Jihad announced its support for
Saddam Hussein. Islamic Jihad’s support for Saddam is directly ...

Tantawi was wrong in declaring
jihad to save Saddam Hussein and to describe suicide bombings as "acts of faith"
permitted in Islam. ...

Heretical Librarian: More Evidence
of Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties, Saddam Hussein did indeed host a number of "popular
Islamic congresses" in Baghdad. ... relationship with Egyptian Islamic Jihad,
and later with al Qaeda. ...

Saddam Hussein calls for jihad; US
says Baghdad is now in sight ... all over the world to wage jihad (holy war)
against the US, which has attacked Iraq. ...

BBC NEWS Middle East Saddam urges
'jihad': TextText of statement attributed to President Saddam Hussein and
broadcast on Iraqi TV, urging Iraqis to fight a holy war against US-led forces.


Arab Racism

Saddam's racism

Halabja: The Racism of so-called
Arab Intellectuals towards Kurds ...If not so, the Racist Baath Army was not
able to kill 5000 people and injured the ... Iran is as guilty as Saddam and
Baathists in the Kurdish Genocide. ...

Saddam and Racist Arabs has done
such big crimes against the Kurds

The racist's last words were: "Palestine is (all) Arab!" , ‘Palestine’s’ patron mourned

Pan-Arabism's Legacy of
Confrontation with Iran, Few Iranians (or westerners) have heard of Pan-Arab
nationalists such as Satia Al-Husri, Sami Shawkat, Michel Aflaq or Khairallah
Tulfah. Their version of Arab nationalism is as anti-Western as it is
anti-Persian. The philosophies of these men have done much to inspire
generations of Arab leaders such as Gamal Abdel Nasser, who passionately
advocated the changing of the Persian Gulf to "Arab Gulf", or Saddam Hussein,
who defined his Arabism by the extent of his brutality against Iranians (Kurds,
Persians, etc.).


Torture Chambers - Iraqis pour out tales of Saddam's torture
chambersPictures of dead Iraqis, with their necks slashed, their eyes gouged out
and their genitals blackened, fill a bookshelf. Jail cells, with dried blood on
the ...

BBC NEWS Middle East Inside Saddam's torture chamberBill Neely
visits the Basra headquarters of the Iraqi secret police, where thousands have
been tortured and executed.

Saddam's Shop of Horrors - Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone From
Yahoo ..."There were many kinds of torture," says Nabaz Mamhoud, a translator at
the museum. "Some of them were executed or slaughtered by Saddam Hussein; ...


Mass torture with sick "enjoyment" of it

All the while, Saddam lived a
palatial, royal lifestyle, spending his ... and watching the graphic videotapes
of his victims dying or dead, including, ...

Saddam's half-brother Barzan Ibrahim and Awad Hamed al-Bandar,
... of being a traitor to his reign of terror. He enjoyed WATCHING people be
tortured. ...


Mass rapes & State of fear

Iraqi Women Under Saddam's Regime:
A Population SilencedSince then, his regime has systematically executed,
tortured, imprisoned, raped, terrorized, and repressed the Iraqi people. ...

Saddam Hussein's Repression of the
Iraqi People UNSCR 688 also requires Saddam Hussein to end his repression of the
Iraqi ... forces returned the mutilated bodies of torture victims to their
families. ...

(DV) Rajiva: Iraqi Women and
Torture, Part One, Then there are laws like Article 427, which states that a
rapist is not guilty of rape if he marries his victim. Or Article 409

Fear -- Saddam's Chosen Method of
Staying in PowerSome of the victims were reportedly accused for political
reasons and had not been ... Saddam's elder son. He has been frequently accused
of serial rape and ... / World / Middle East &
Africa - Obituary: Saddam HusseinTorture and rape, or threatened rape, of family
members were routinely used to force ... Saddam Hussein was a man of
extraordinary political cunning, ...

Saddam's Brohel PalaceSaddam's
Brothel Palace We heard plenty of sermons against America from Muslim clerics,
but not one against Saddam's rape industry ...


Prison for Children

Media Monitor - Prisons For Children Discovered in Baghdad -
April ...The marine officer told the AFP that the children his unit liberated
were in prison because they refused to join the youth branch of Saddam's Baath
party. ...

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