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The Arab Muslim sick love affair with bloody graphic photos of dead kids

The Arab Muslim sick love affair with bloody graphic photos of dead kids

The BLOOD Cult!

The Arab Muslim sick love affair with bloody graphic photos of dead kids

What's the sexiest object in Arab Muslim culture?

Don't get me wrong, of course sex is all over the place in their world, beneath the veil, in fact research in cyberspace has found that most explicit thirst hardcore porn, for most kinky & twisted sex come from loggers out of Arab Muslim countries, I am referring sexiest, besides the sex issue, be surprised it's the unfortunate photos smeared in blood of killed or injured Arab kids.

When you see the Jihadi ritual of "Palestinian" Arabs dipping their fingers into dead bodies that were killed either by own "suicide"/genocide bombing or by the democratic state of Israel fighting to survive from totalitarian terrorists, their dance in blood, their vouch for blood, it all has a bloody connection in their bloody cult.

It is very much connected to the stoning by Palestinian Arabs of 2 youth in Tekoa, when they were done torturing, stoning them to death and mutilating their bodies, the "Palestinian freedom fighters" wrote with their blood those "heroic" hate messages on the wall.

That's where the Arab reporter that USED to contribute photos to Reuters was caught (only recently) editing photos, that's why the Arab media is so full of it 24/7, that's why Huzbollah Islamic terrorists love so much to cause the Lebanese (that some of them are) civilians to die, their preference is of course deads babies, the more the better, so their evil hatred and pointing at the IDF defenders could be drama, big time.

That's exactly how the official mainstream Muslim students Association in the US uses it's sick "voice".

"We are the victims, please show us more photos, the more graphic the better, the hormones of Arab Muslim TV viewers cry out loud.

A cult of blood, especially the "Palestinian" part of Islamo Arabs that have the BLOOD VOUCH embedded into their 'national hymn' ("With blood and fire we'll liberate..."), imagine that.

What's even more sickening is that they're so damn proud of the bloodiness.


Caught red-handed. Aziz Tzalha shows off his bloody palms after murdering an Israeli reservist in a Palestinian police station.

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I have been wanting to ask this question for a few years now, but I wasn't sure (until now) if anyone was able to answer this. In my opinion the Arab Muslim culture is one of sex and death. They seem to be both very important. I believe it derives from the Muslim "Prophet", who was very sexually active with many women, namely Aisha ( a child). Do you believe today that the Muslims are simply emulating the "prophet" Mohammed with both his lust for war and sex? Best wishes, and tremendous Blog.

Jeff Davis
PERVERSION resumes the whole muslim attitude for all: politics, sex, war, clothing...

The last aberration in their behaviour is atraction for fresh corpses.

Mohammed said: "The best thing to make sex with little girls is fantasying tey are boys." (haddit)


A name for that facist religion? Satanism.

Fairly, Dante Alighieri putted Mohammed in his fair place: Hell (Inferno). Rennaiscencists always knew the Truth.

Greetings from the unique Brazilian anti-IslamoNazi site,
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