Saturday, April 15, 2006


Arabs, Muslims Crimes on their own people

The cruelty of Arab leaders on their own people is no secret, virtually all (no exception!) Arab regimes are a horror on their own population, among their 'domestic' or 'international' crimes, stands out the specialty case on their Arab "Palestinian" own flesh and blood, starting from their led "evacuation" in 1948 with arrogant "promises" of "victory" in 'ethnic cleansing the Jews out if the holyland', then putting/squeezing the runaway crowd into camps, pouring all the international aid intended to the Palestinians into their own pockets, never letting Israel the humane to improve their conditions, so that these vicious Arab leaders could play the miserable Palestinians as footballs in their diabolical game of tarnishing Israel.
Plus, their long steady obsessive facsistic attacks on Israel their scapegoat, it serves them a great "entertaining" diversion from their own populations' bitterness & complaints.
* * * Arab, Iranian and Muslim Freedom Advocates -Iranians under the boot of radical Islam
Arab-on-Arab terror in LebanonApologists for the constant Arab terrorism against Israelis rationalize it by ... Israel is not the reason the entire Arab world lives in a state of ...

Myths & Facts - Human Rights in Arab Countries“The governments of Arab states grant basic human rights to their citizens. ...The Saudi government beheaded 52 people in 2003, for crimes including murder ...

the difference this time is that the violence is being perpetrated not by coalition forces in Iraq, but by the Palestinian Authority, and the victims are its own people

Their Crimes on their Own People
Arab On Arab Crimes - Iraq, Saddam's Chemical attack on his people · Arab On Arab Crimes - Algeria's Long Nightmare · Arab On Arab Crimes - Algeria ...

The Big Arab Lie:
The Political Abuse of the Refugee Issue The Arab rulers caused the Arab refugee problem in 1948 by their war of aggression against the infant state of Israel, a legal creation of the United Nations; the Arab rulers have since maintained the Arab refugee population and and denied it any possibility of normal life in Arab countries in order to use the suffering they themselves have causedit as a weapon in their unending war against Israel.
During all these decades the refugee camps and their Arab exploiters have been funded by billions of dollars from the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union.
* * *
Thanking Allah for Christians and Jews

The rich Islamic governments are too absorbed in their own indifference to notice the suffering of others. Without the generosity of Christians and Jews, in America and elsewhere, a lot of Muslims would be starving this morning. The Europeans, even the French, have surprised themselves with their generosity. The Israelis are sending food and medicines to those who revile them, no questions asked. The value of American aid, including military and private charities, will run into the billions. The compassion circus keeps expanding. Gratitude is not necessary. God will bless us, every one. That's enough for any Christian or Jew.



You wouldn't want to be a 'palestinian' Arab staying in racist Arab "moderate" countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

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