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Time for Islamic world "mom" to clean , How to win Islamists' war on the west

Time for Islamic world "mom" to clean
it's house

The ball is in their hands

How to win the global war


The picture of global terror with Iran as a major


2006-2007 The major political talk is all about Iraq, on the most brutal
violence the world has seen in recent years one group of Muslims inflicts on the
other, the major target as civilians, the heinous crimes in which the way these
people are killed, the torture squads, the death squads, the mass kidnapping,

It is evidently clear that Iran, the Shiite 'super power' is arming
and pushing it's proxy: M. Al-Sadr mehdi army in the major chunk of the
bloodshed, the recent arrest of Iranians (December 25, 2006) of Iranians in Iraq
is of course nothing but a a tip of the iceberg, US officials say he is the
major culprit.

Yes, it is more about Muslim sectarian violence and mutual Arab ethnic
cleansing as most describe it but you can't ignore the factor of the moderate
government backed by the west battling the radical Islamists, which is exactly
why the radical mullahs of Iran keep pushing it even further, asides from it's
interest in the Shiite VS. Sunni factor.

Last but not least in Iraq, there is little talk about the mass persecution
of Iraqi Christians and of mass exodus.


The same militant Iran that uses Huzbullah in it's war on Israeli
and Lebanese civilians (2006) or together with Syria, assassinating top
Lebanese officials that seem to be anti-Syrian, or rather
anti-Syrian-dictatorship, spelled: pro west.

I doubt that many were surprised at the documents showing Hezbullah's
pledge for mullahs in Iran to establish an all Islamic Lebanon.

The horn of Africa

The same Iran with it's mighty long arm, that uses Hezbullah extremists to
arm and help Islamists in places far way as Somalia, shedding the blood of so
many over there too, in the name of Islam.

"We might have another Taliban situation in Somalia", Vincent Mugabi on BBC
(December 25, 2006).

When you see worrying non-Muslim Ethiopia attacking Islamists (December 25,
2006), As Islamists in Somalia call for all Muslims to help them in a "holy
war" (Jihad) against Ethiopia, as well as their declaration of a 'greater
Islamic Somalia' galvanizing Somalis in Eastern Ethiopia, Djibuti & in parts
of Kenya, in other words more Islamization in Africa, you see the globalism of
it all, reaffirmed again in basically every corner of this planet.

'Palestinians' vs 'Palestinians'

Though the core "Palestinian" violence on their own is their old tradition,
however, when you see lately (December 2006) more and more 'Palestinians'
fighting 'Palestinians', or civil war, what do you see?

Whether you were for or against the idea of Sharon's
agreeing to a 'disengagement plan' (2005), even though it involved rewarding
'Palestinian' terrorists, you have to content that it has some logic in the 'war
on terror' as well.

The logic of taking it from purely western hands to them, of
transferring the battlefield to it's natural/original place if you will, as
in the (Egyptian) 'Muslim brotherhood' the almost direct father of today's modern
Islamic sword, or militant Islam, which is Muslim fighting Muslim

Guess who is helping the 'Palestinian' Islamo-facsist Hamas and it's call
for genocide? Iran, again, and again.

The war on the 'evil ideology'

Of course Sunni Al Qaeda is no better than Shiite Iran, which is why
radical Islam is the issue.

Congratulate those that keep reminding us that the 'war on terror' is
mistakenly spelled, terror is only ONE tool Islamists use in their war on the
world, think of more methods by them like: rape used by Arab Muslim racist
militias on Sudanese that practice a different branch of Islam (asides from the
Arabization - Arab racism motive there), if nukes in the hands of mullahs are
the most horrific nightmare of humankind, the power of oil for example is used by
Iran already.

Some Muslim leaders get offended at 'spelling it out', 1) Too bad, and
mainstream Islam does have a part in it, especially in providing excuses
(directly or indirectly) for terrorists as 'legitimate issues against the west'.
2) Spelling it out is so important, identifying the enemy is the first important
thing in fighting it.

Islamofascism means, the violent intolerance on all
that is not Muslim or not AS Muslim enough or 'not my kind of Muslim'
(Shiite VS Sunni), no one can argue against this global (blown in their face)

In this harsh factor, it matters little if you are Shiite Iran that wants to wipe off non Muslim nations, Huzbullah's
Nassrallah or 'Palestinian' Hamas' admission on 'war on all Jews', or as Hamas
put it "we are a nation that drinks blood, and we know there's no better blood
than the blood of the Jews", Sunni Al Qaeda's Bin Laden on the "crusaders" (i.e.
Christians), Islamic protesting to honor Muhammad's name (cartoons, 2005)
threatening with a 911 attack on Europe & praising Hitler, Muslims'
attacking innocent Jews in Paris, Jemma Islamiya's war on Australian youth in
Bali (2002), militant Islamists massacring in Madrid, in Jerusalem, in Bombay,
or in London, Arab Muslim gang raping Christian Australians & shouting Allah
Akbar, beheading Christians in Indonesia, offended 'Palestinians' at pope's
branding Islam as violence - killing Christians, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Abu
Hamza types that teach that all non-Muslims are cows, Bakri's permission
to slaughter non Muslim civilians, Saudi Arabian teaching that
Christians are pigs and Jews are apes, that it's OK to rape women or 'unveiled
meat', that it's OK to enslave still today in age (Sudan, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia,

And just who can ignore their ambition and plan for global Islamization,
for world domination, the Caliphate?

One might want to take more notice when they tell you 'Islam will dominate
the world'.

This entire global war is exclusively in the name of Islam, whether
moderate Muslims (fortunately) disagree with their interpretation is

Moderate Muslims should worry less about being "offended" that actually
interferes with the very success in everybody's interest in the 'war on terror'
and more about cleaning it out.

Wider moderate Muslims vs radical 'brothers'

So is the Pakistani war on terror, the Afghani, the Saudi, the Yemenite,
the Jordanian, the Egyptian, and even Iranian internal political fight,

You can not disconnect the phenomenon of the Algerian war that claimed more
than 100,000 dead.

Clean up YOUR act!

The west shouldn't do it alone, it can back up moderates but:

The message is clear: Clean up your own

After all, radical Islam is a 'Muslim' thing, by Muslim in the name of
Islam and in many cases backed by so many Muslims, yet it is only natural that
it will involve Muslim vs Muslim atrocities, too bad that the extreme case of
it, is what it takes to wake up the mainstream Muslim governments.

Islamists come home to roost

Actually, Islamic terrorism was nourished by "moderate" Islamic governments
like Saudi Arabia themselves, now they 'come back home to roost', Just what did
these Wahabbists think? or What did the Jordanians - that have been rationalizing
for too long the crimes of Palestinian butchers - expect , when Zarqawi turned on his
fellow Jordanian Muslims in bombing Amman?

And if you ever thought that these leaders learned the lesson, think again,
Saudi support for Sunni killers inside Iraq is still going on to this day.

Still shooting themselves in the foot

It's not bad to see moderate Muslim countries fighting terrorists, as well
as Saudi Arabia standing up against Iran, although in a cowardice way so

The bigger problem is of course Muslim mainstream, official and government
run media that still demonizes west, especially the Zionists, Will these tyrants
in the Islamic world ever see the danger this campaign possesses to their own
security, or they'll just continue to lose any logic and even basic sense of
survival when it comes to their cult of hate?

Locating/spotting (taking on) the enemy - victory

Don't forget that the war is on it's venemous ideology.

Start with 'what they teach in their madrasas' what they show on TV, That's
where the seeds of evil are planted.

When the day will come and you will see a significant overhaul change in
the textbooks and TV programs that an average Muslim child is exposed to, a
significant reduction in the hate & rationalization of violence on
non-Muslims in the sermons of the Mullahs/Imams, you will know that the battle
is where is it should be thus bringing with it the tangible hopes for

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