Monday, April 10, 2006


Prostitution Jihad

One of the phoniest part of Islamic Jihad that they tell "their people" that they fight West and it's "immorality", while they funnel prostitution money for their "holy" bloody murderous cause.

* * * Can't find Osama bin Laden? Perhaps we're not looking ... sex slavery, prostitution, murder Overseas Terrorism in Canada, drugs, smuggling, prostitution / DISCRIMINATION OF WOMEN & CHILD ABUSE Financing Terror, The money can then be used to finance the expenses of a terrorist cell located in ... Most of those arrested were involved in prostitution... Like the PLO, al Qaeda also has large investments in legitimate businesses from construction to honey production, and heavy investments with international financial institutions. Since money is fungible, the excuses are easy and ready. And -- like the PLO -- al Qaeda, too, has large investments in illegal businesses, though theirs are more international in scope and include prostitution as well as gold, diamond, and cigarette smuggling.

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