Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A Crime called "Conspiracy theories"

A Crime called "Conspiracy theories"

A Crime called "Conspiracy theories" as conceived & practiced with devotion by most fanatics in the Arab Muslim world, the most anti west, the ones living in an ISLAMIS CAGE (no, I was not referring to G'tmo, they are not there yet...) with pro terrorism and blind bigotry on the "other" the non Muslim infidel. The Jihadi terrorists 'empire' basically is guilty not only of the actual massacre of around 3,000 innocent people, but as good fascists, the next step is to blame the victim, just like they do with the rape cases in radical Islamic ideology, or with the Israeli victims of "palestinian" brutal fascist genocidal jihad.

So far is simple? Yes, maybe (unfortunately) so, not the virus that has infected in radical liberal ranks. While in Europe (good ol' Eurabia's France anybody?), I was first shocked in total unbelievable surprise to hear some kind of "scientific" or "phylosophical" argument "doubting" that the CIA didn't have a hand in Islamists' massacre on 9/11.

Then I grew "adapting" to the harsh reality when I heard Fox' Oreilly telling us that a significant percentage of Americans, right HERE! are infected with the Islamist virus of "conspiracy". It is no secret how the radical left utilizes "info" from most extremists Jihadists "sources", heck Jihad has a website, Haven't you heard? It's called "whatreally...". I am not referring to political arguments, if a radical lefty wants to argue, that's fine, heck this is America, wanna have a bad tasted joke? that's one thing, but to conspire & affirm (even in a questioning manner) to Jihadi "conspiracy theories"?

How low can they go? Do they realize how this hurts DIRECTLY our security by:

1) Giving "credibility" to the notion that it's the US government "does terror on it's population". 2) Hindering all anti terror operations against those that wants to kill us ALL.

Oh, Well, I forgot, that's right, there is 'no war on terror', all the thousands that died/die, wounded all over the globe by Islamofascists are just "made up", heck even the thousands upon thousands Arab Muslims killed by their own brothers in Iraq are "blown up numbers", unless you can use any numbers to dam Bush, of course.

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