Sunday, March 18, 2007


The “Palestinian” Contributions to Humanity [’Palestinianism’]

The “Palestinian” Contributions to Humanity [’Palestinianism’]

The “Palestinian” Contributions to Humanity

1) Commit the crimes on your own kids (human bombs, human shields or killing their own kids in order to stage it as in 'Muhammad al Dura' & other kids) and always blame the Zionist victim.

2) How to unite the Arab world, bring about “Dead Arab kids”, Hezbollah picked up on that very fast.

3) The bastion of (fake) excuse for Islamists’ crimes against humanity.

4) The phenomenon of “brown” Arabs Kissing up to “white” Hitler, Hitlerists, never mind what one wishes the other.

5) Inventing big drama words, such as “apartheid”, “racism” for those daring to stand up against Racist, Fascist terrorists.

6) The lucky invention of the 1960’s, One of the 21 century successful lies, such as “palestinian people” (on the Arab group mostly grandkids of immigrants from surrounding countries).

7) The ‘creme de la creme’ best “export” of “palestinian” industry, the human shields tactics of course (to Iraq’s Al-Sadr, Talibans, Hezbullah, etc.).

8] The death cult that always finds somebody to kill, if not the Zionists, or their kids via tactics that the media might blame the IDF, they find each other to practice it with (civil war).

9) when simple lies don’t work, edit videos to fit the propaganda, PALLYWOOD, “palestinian” fake Images industry. The Second Draft, YouTube - Pallywood

10) Self infliction especially on their kids in order to perpertuate ‘victimhood’, the more miserable they can appear on international arena the more their hate hunger for demonizing Israel is satisified, that’s their oxygen.

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