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New Fears: The Return of a Superterrorist (Most Dangerous Besides Osama = MUGNIYAH)

New Fears: The Return of a Superterrorist (Most Dangerous Besides Osama = MUGNIYAH)
Newsweek ^

Feb. 5, 2007 issue - Before Osama bin Laden, there was Imad Mughniyeh. The Lebanese terrorist from Hizbullah was considered the most dangerous in the world. Now the White House worries that he's back, after years of lying low. Four serving U.S. intel and counterterrorism officials, anonymous when discussing sensitive material, said Mughniyeh is prominent in recent reporting from the field about Hizbullah activity. Bruce Riedel, a veteran Mideast expert recently retired from the CIA, told NEWSWEEK there is "no question he is heavily involved in [formulating] terrorist contingency plans in case of a U.S.-Iran confrontation."
Mughniyeh has the résumé to be a potent threat. He was the alleged organizer of a series of devastating bombings and kidnappings against U.S. targets in Lebanon during the 1980s, including two bombings of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. But Hizbullah later made a strategic decision to abandon attacks on American targets. Even now, U.S. intel officials stress that they don't believe Hizbullah will actually hit U.S. interests unless Washington strikes first—against either the movement or its key patron, Tehran.
So what is Mughniyeh up to? Two of the U.S. officials interviewed by NEWSWEEK said field reports indicate that he travels between Beirut, Damascus and Tehran. One official said that some reports also suggest he has visited Baghdad. (Hizbullah has allegedly been involved in training the Mahdi Army militia of Moqtada al-Sadr.) (EXCERPT...)
(Excerpt) Read more at ...


Reuters Report Failed to Disclose Ethnic Identity of UK Terror Suspects

Reuters Report Failed to Disclose Ethnic Identity of UK Terror Suspects

by Mark Finkelstein on January 31, 2007 - 06:59.
Not that there was any real doubt, when you turned on the news this morning and heard the report that eight men had been arrested in England and charged with plotting terror attacks including the Al-Qaeda style beheading of a police officer, that the suspects were Muslim, but you wouldn't know it from this Reuters report on the arrests.

Any reference to the ethnic or religious origins of the suspects was absent.

In contrast, this Bloomberg report stated that "Sky News [Fox News sister network] said the arrested men were British born of Pakistani origin, while one was Pakistani."

The Bloomberg report contained some additional, and disturbing, facts coming from a recent study:

"[T]he interest of young Muslims in religion was more politicized than it had been for their parents. Three quarters of 16- to 24-year- olds questioned said they would prefer Muslim women to wear a veil. Among the 55-year-olds and above, only 28 percent favored it.

"The survey showed that younger rather than older Muslims were more likely to prefer living under the Islamic legal framework, or Sharia, and favored Islamic schools over non- religious state schools."

Unsurprisingly, Reuters didn't mention that study either.

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Iraqi Style Islamic Kidnapping & Torture display plotted in UK

Imagine a Nick Berg type of Islamic heinous cruel video, inbside the UK

The INHUMANE Iraqi terror style kidnapping & torture was planned in... Birmingham UK,,2-2577816,00.html How al-Qaeda 'tried to bring Baghdad to Birmingham'


Does Any of Us – Even Our Clergy - Have the Moral Courage to Fight Radical Islam?

Does Any of Us – Even Our Clergy - Have the Moral Courage to Fight Radical Islam?


EU, US slam Eilat bombing (by Arab "palestinian" terrorists that butchered 3 innocent Israelis)

EU, US slam Eilat bombing (by Arab "palestinian" terrorists that butchered 3 innocent Israelis)

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The Bloody Festivities Of Ashura (more on the bloody cult, otherwise knows as Islam-ism)

The Bloody Festivities Of Ashura (more on the bloody cult, otherwise knows as Islam-ism)

Bareknucklepolitics ^
January, 30, 2007

The Bloody Festivities Of Ashura

Filed under: Pictures; Author: Shawn Wasson; Posted: January 30, 2007 at 1:46 pm;

Celebrating Ashura Around The World…..

Child Abuse In Baghdad:





More Ashura Child Abuse In Nabatieh, Lebanon:

Hey Mom, I’m Bludgeoning Myself In Nabatieh!:

A Shi’ite Covered In…… It’s Only Mud….In Tehran:

To Hell With The Macarena, Let’s Get Bloody In Lebanon!:

This Guy’s Committed In Dhaka, Bangladesh:

The bloodiest holiday on Earth… Complete with child abuse. Controversial Shia Ritual Under Fire A sobering look at Islam Roots of terror: suicide, martyrdom, self-redemption and Islam ...

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ISLAMO NAZIS send HATE mail to a Rabbi (Seattle) posing as "Christians"

ISLAMO NAZIS send HATE mail (Seattle) posing as "Christians"

It seems that impostors are not just the norm on internet forums, it is just another pan of the virus of ISLAMIC DECEIT.

Recently at the controversy in Seattle WA, when the airport took down all the Christmas trees, and Neo Nazis blamed the "jews" as opportunists-haters, because a rabbi "dared" to ask to have a Menorah besides the Christmas tree...

The Muslim nazi vermin decided to 'jumped on the wagon' and sent tons of emails to the rabbi, the problem is that they showed their ISLAMIC colors by talking too much about the nukes (Pro Islamic fanatic Iran syndrome), there were more evidence but the experts prefer not to give out Muslims' pattern...

Not to say that all emails were from the "religion of peace", but most were!

Especially from Bay area Muslims.

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The Turkish State Continues Disseminating Hatred Against Non-Muslims

The Turkish State Continues Disseminating Hatred Against Non-Muslims

The Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Association has recently written about the religiously based threats being continuously spread from the Turkish state ministry responsible for religious affairs, the Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi.

The European Parliament has demanded that Turkey stop these threats, but the situation remains. On the contrary, the threats have intensified.

As the whole world condemns the murder and mourns the death of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, and as tens of thousands of Muslims participated in the mourning of Hrant Dink, the Turkish state ministry mentioned above has published a statement on its home page.

The statement on the home page says that, from a religious point of view, it's unacceptable for a Muslim to participate in religious ceremonies of non-Muslims. It further states that Muslims are not allowed to pray for blessing or salvation for the soul of a non-Muslim.

The Mullah of Istanbul, who recently received the Pope and asked him to turn to Mecca, "in the name of tolerance", did obviously not bother himself to attend the funeral of Hrant Dink and show the same kind of tolerance he asked from the Pope.

Turkey, an EU-candidate, continuous to spread hate propaganda against non-Muslims, from highest authority, its own ministry of religious issues, even after the murder of Hrant Dink.

Ahmed Hakan, a Turkish writer, recently turned against the Turkish state in the leading news paper Hurriet, questioning the discriminating message of the ministry of religious affairs.

This state sponsored, Turkish, religious hate propaganda against non-Muslims must stop.

For how long will the EU and its member states turn a blind eye to these barbaric acts?

Sweden, Södertälje 24 January 2007

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Palestinian inner civilwar continues, GOOD!

Hamas, Fatah resume clashes
B92, Serbia
Fatah officials said that a night of factional clashes ended with a Hamas militiaman dead in a bomb attack while each side took captives. ...,23599,21125981-1702,00.html

Factional clashes kill three in Gaza, Australia -
TENSIONS rose in the Gaza Strip today after renewed clashes between the ruling Hamas movement and president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party left another three ...

Reuters AlertNet, UK -
Palestinian Hamas supporters attend a Hamas rally marking the first anniversary of its election victory in the northern Gaza Strip January 26, 2007. Rival Palestinian factions clashed in Gaza on Friday, killing two people, as the Islamist Hamas movement marked the first anniversary of its election victory over the once-dominant Fatah

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Terror TV & US money to Egypt that sponsors it!

Why is Egypt airing insurgent TV from Iraq?

Why is Egypt airing insurgent TV from Iraq?
Al Zawraa's broadcasting of Sunni attacks on American soldiers highlights sectarian politics.
By Sarah Gauch Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor
CAIRO - Al Zawraa television station, the face of Iraq's Sunni insurgency, shows roadside bombs blowing up American tanks, dead and bloody Iraqi children, and insurgent snipers taking aim and firing.

And all this blatant anti-Americanism is broadcasting 24/7 on an Egyptian government-controlled satellite provider from one of Washington's closest allies. Even though Iraq and the US have asked Egypt to pull the plug, the station remains on the air.

The question is, why? While Nilesat, which broadcasts Al Zawraa, argues that it's airing the channel for purely commercial reasons, analysts point to the political benefits for Egypt.

Some say the country's reluctance to shut down the channel shows that Egypt, predominantly Sunni, may be taking a stand against what it sees as the unjust aggressiveness of Iraq's Shiite-led government and the dangers of Iran's influence there.

"With Iran flexing its muscles in Iraq and Lebanon and talking about becoming a nuclear power, all of this puts the Sunni Arab regimes – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan – on the defensive," says Lawrence Pintak, director of American University in Cairo's television journalism program and author of "Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens: America, Islam, & the War of Ideas."

Mr. Pintak says Egypt's decision to keep Al Zawraa on the air plays into the Sunni-Shiite cold war that has descended on the region, caused largely by sectarian bloodshed in Iraq and Iran's nuclear ambitions. In essence, he says, it's a show of support for fellow Sunnis.

American officials have reportedly called the station "utterly offensive," saying that closing it down is a priority.

But one Egyptian government official, who asked to remain anonymous, reiterated Nilesat's stand that the station remains on air purely for commercial reasons. "We're merely a carrier of this station. We're not producing it. This is a straightforward business deal," he says, adding that, "none of us would reject the principle of freedom of speech and broadcasting for everyone."

Egypt has a history, though, of arresting bloggers and journalists and violently dispersing protests critical of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government. On Saturday, Egyptian authorities detained an Al Jazeera journalist for allegedly fabricating scenes of torture in Egyptian police stations. The journalist was later released.

If Nilesat should buckle under US pressure, however, Al Zawraa will soon have other venues.

Station owner Mishan al-Jabouri says he's just signed contracts with Paris-based satellite provider Hot Bird and Emirates-based Arabsat. He also hopes to sign a contract soon with an American satellite company, which he didn't want to name, and to open new studios in Paris. American subtitles, too, are in the offing, he says.

"I want to show people everywhere what the Americans are doing to my country," says Mr. Jabouri, a former member of Iraq's parliament, now based in Damascus, "what American democracy has done to Iraq, how it has killed children, what has happened in the prisons, how the Americans gave Iraq to Iran."

While many see Nilesat as Al Zawraa's staunch supporter, Jabouri complains that the satellite provider is already reacting to US pressure by raising technical obstacles that prevent him from sending new footage from the field, forcing him to loop already-broadcast material.

Al Zawraa began two years ago as an above-ground, hard-line Sunni TV station, based in Iraq, until the Iraqi government closed it down last November, around the time Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death. Today, it's an underground station with brutal, no-holds-barred content, often amateur, shaky footage showing American soldiers crumpling to the ground after being shoot, and alleged American atrocities against Iraqi civilians. The station's anchors wear military fatigues and rail against the Shiite-led Iraqi government.

The Iranian flag is superimposed over Iraq's Shiite leaders shown on air and news crawls call on viewers "to liberate Iraq from occupying US and Iranian forces" and say that "the mafia" of Moqtada al-Sadr are all "criminals and thieves."

The station closely resembles Islamic extremist websites, with even religious chanting backing up some footage, although Jabouri emphasizes that his station has no ties to Al Qaeda.

The business deal between Al Zawraa and Nilesat is all the more curious, commentators say, since Islamic extremism remains a threat in Egypt and Al Zawraa appears the perfect militant recruiting tool. But, it seems Egypt is more concerned about reasserting its leadership in the Sunni Arab world than it is in gagging a possible militant mouthpiece, analysts say.

This is also a sign that Egypt may be further distancing itself from Washington. Recently, it defiantly announced a nuclear energy program of its own and criticized Mr. Hussein's execution last month.

However, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Egyptian officials Monday to shore up this country's support for American efforts in Iraq. Ms. Rice is traveling through the Middle East on a trip intended largely to bolster support for President Bush's new plan to stabilize Iraq and to reassure the US's Arab allies of its commitment to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Arab states are anxious for Washington to renew efforts to find a solution to the historical conflict, which they say is the underlying cause of the region's political problems.

In Egypt, Ms. Rice said, "We share risk and we share responsibility, because this is an area of the world which will very much be affected by how Iraq turns out."

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, a frequent critic, was ready to give Mr. Bush's plan the benefit of the doubt. "We are supportive of that plan because we are hopeful that the plan would lead ensure the stability, the unity, and the cohesion of the Iraqi government."

• Material from Reuters was used in this report.


Qaeda's Successful Recruiting Efforts
New York Sun, NY - Jan 18, 2007

Qaeda's Successful Recruiting Efforts
The MEMRI Report

January 19, 2007

In response to reports that recruitment into America's armed forces is at its lowest level in years, Secretary of Defense Gates has called for increasing the Army and Marine corps by 92,000 troops over the next five years.

On the other hand, Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups seem to have an unlimited pool of recruits. This is because their followers are brainwashed — through messages that they receive in schools and mosques as well as on television — that if they give their lives for jihad, they will be rewarded in the afterlife with 72 black-eyed virgins.

As Sheik Ahmad Qattan explained on Saudi Iqra TV on January 3, 2005, "The martyrdom seeker … these heroes who stand in line and await their turn … to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their God's religion … seek the … longest life in the heavens. They want to join their brothers, the martyrs, and to reap martyr's rewards. … He is married off to 72 black-eyed women."

Al Qaeda in Iraq, an organization led by the late Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, published a statement addressed to America on January 26, 2005, which discussed what is promised to its recruits: "We have men who love death as you love life. Our fallen [go to] heaven, and yours — to hell. While your reinforcements come from the Jews and the Christians, ours come from the Blessed and Lofty Allah. … Oh the gardens [of Eden], prepare yourselves; oh black-eye [virgins], approach. ... The martyrs' wedding is at hand." A year and a half later, Zarqawi's clan celebrated his wedding in Jordan after he was killed.

During the second intifada, the Palestinian Arab press frequently reported the death of suicide bombers by printing wedding announcements and "bridal" pictures.

One announcement read, "In the name of Allah, all merciful, all the compassionate, do not consider who died for the sake of Allah as dead. Rather as alive, the Martyr, Ali-Khadha Al-Yassini, who was wedded to the blackeyed virgin in the Garden of Eternity on the morning of September 16, 2001. Congratulations to him for his wedding."


on January 24, 2007 Neil Cavuto had Peter Brooks speaking out to pressure Egypt that we the US are aiding with 2 Billion dollars a year!!! and they broadcast Al Qaeda's propaganda 'Terror TV' to cause loss of American lives???


Terror TV
Word Count: 403
On any given night of the week, between 10 and 15 million Arabic speakers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East tune into Al-Manar (the Beacon), the television channel produced in Beirut by the terrorist group Hezbollah. The station's purpose, an Al-Manar official told researcher Avi Jorisch of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, is to "help people on the way to committing what you call in the West a suicide mission."

Watch some of its programming (revealing clips ...)


Michelle Malkin: Shutting down Terror TVThe Coalition Against Terrorist Media has done tremendous work fighting al Manar's Terror TV programming and successfully pressing the US Treasury Dept to ...


Death cult & hatred for non Muslims, Usama bin Laden declared: "Death is better than living on this Earth with the unbelievers among us."

Death cult & hatred for non Muslims, Usama bin Laden declared: "Death is better than living on this Earth with the unbelievers among us.",2933,246158,00.html

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Islamic Prejudice, Islamic Denial

Islamic Prejudice, Islamic Denial

Frontpage Magazine ^ 1/23/07 Robert Spencer
For last week’s “Dispatches” program on Britain’s Channel Four, a reporter with a hidden camera entered Birmingham’s Green Lane mosque (which has won praise from Britain’s Muslim peer, Lord Ahmed) and other leading mosques in Britain. He found they preached Islamic supremacism, hatred of Jews and Christians, and the subjugation of women. The mosques, of course, are in heavy damage-control mode. A press release at the Green Lane mosque website complains that “it is extremely disappointing but not at all surprising that ‘Dispatches’ has chosen to portray Muslims in the worst possible light. ‘Dispatches’ has opted for sensationalism over substance...


Group to open country's first 'terror free' gas station

Group to open country's first 'terror free' gas station

Monday, January 22, 2007 7:38 PM CST

OMAHA, Neb. - Claiming U.S. dollars used to purchase gas made from Middle East oil funds terrorism, a group called the Terror-Free Oil Initiative plans to open the nation's first "terror free" gas station in Nebraska.

The Coral Springs, Fla.-based group urges Americans to only buy gas and other oil products that originate from countries that do not support terrorism. Its new station in west Omaha will sell only gas from oil companies that don't do business in the Middle East.

"We believe that we are financing our own demise by purchasing crude oil from the Middle East," spokesman Joe Kaufman said. "We'd like to avert another 9/11 if possible."

The future site of the Terror-Free Oil station was already emblazoned with signs Monday calling for the use of non-Middle Eastern oil.

Kaufman said the station will open Feb. 1, with a grand opening scheduled for Feb. 12.

The gas sold there will be supplied by Sinclair Oil Corp., he said.

Dalton Kehlbeck, a regional manager for Salt Lake City-based Sinclair, said most of the company's oil comes from the U.S. or Canada, but some is bought on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

"It's a basket of crude oil," he said of the exchange oil. "We cannot be sure where the conglomeration of the product comes from."

The same is true of most oil products sold in the United States.

According to the Energy Information Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Energy, oil refineries often mix oil from different sources and companies during refinement and shipping.

The United States imported an average of 2.3 million barrels of oil a day from the Persian Gulf region in 2005, according to the administration. That accounted for about 9 percent of U.S. consumption.

The U.S. Department of Treasury, whose office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence oversees the government's concerns about terrorism funding, said it would not comment on the prospect of oil money funding terrorists.

Kaufman said the Terror-Free Oil Initiative plans to open more gas stations across the country.

On the Net:

Terror-Free Oil Initiative:

A service of the Associated Press(AP)


Dozens Are Hurt in Lebanon by ANTI WEST ISLAMIC HUZBULLAH

Dozens Are Hurt in Lebanon by ANTI WEST ISLAMIC HUZBULLAH

Dozens Are Hurt in Lebanon Amid Strike By Opposition
Associated Press
Word Count: 791
BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Hezbollah-led opposition protesters paralyzed Lebanon Tuesday by burning tires and cars at major thoroughfares in and around the capital, sparking clashes with government supporters amid a general strike aimed at toppling U.S.-backed Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

What had been planned as a peaceful work-stoppage around the country turned into the worst violence since the pro-Syrian Shiite Hezbollah movement and its allies launched its campaign two months ago to oust the government. Black clouds billowed over parts of Beirut as opposition supporters set up burning roadblocks on main routes and at entrances to the capital, as well as ...


Good News! The Iranian War With The Arabs

The Iranian War With The Arabs

January 23, 2007: Saudia Arabia and Iran are getting ready for war with each other. And it's not over oil or ethnicity, as much as it is over theology. Saudi Arabia, by dint of its vast oil wealth and role as protector of Islami's holiest places, sees itself as the leader of the Moslem world. Not a leader in the sense of giving orders that-will-be-obeyed. No, leader more in the rich uncle sense. Especially if the uncle was also a rather religious fellow.

The Saud family gained control of most of Arabia back in the 1920s, mainly via a long time relationship with the most conservative religious sect in Arabia, the Wahhabis. Thus equipped, the Saudis could be both mightier, and holier, than any other clan in region. It was a winning combination. But there are some problems when you read the fine print. The most obvious hassle was the Wahhabi desire to resist modern technology, and ideas. So Saudi women can't drive cars, although back in the 1920s they could ride horses and camels. The Sauds got the power, but the Wahhabis got the right to decide how people live. Another bit of fine print has to do with the Shia sect of Islam. There are dozens of sects in Islam, and the largest, besides the mainline Sunnis, are the Shia. Most of the Shia are Iranians, who aren't even Arabs. That's important for Arabs, who consider all non-Arabs as, well, if not sub-human, certainly not the best they could be. The Iranians look like the hated Europeans (one of the few peoples able to halt the spread of Islam), and often act like Europeans. But the worst thing about Iranians are that they are Shia. According to the Wahhabi clergy, Shia are heretics. The Saud family was always good at countering the nasty habits of the Wahhabi clergy, and has managed to keep the preachers quiet (or at least off the mass media) about those Shia heretics. At the same time, the Sauds have kept things reasonably friendly with Iran. All that is coming to an end.

For all those decades Saddam Hussein was in power, American suggestions, or attempts, to overthrow the dictator of Iraq were always met with resistance from the Saudis. Most Americans could not understand this, even when the Shia angle was mentioned. It must have been something to do with oil. It actually has little to do with oil. It's all about which form of Islam is more "correct." Since 1979, Iran has been run by conservative clergy, and these guys wanted to rule the world. To the Saudis, only Iraq, and its ruthless leader Saddam Hussein, stood in the way. The 1980-88 war between Iraq and Iran was seen as a desperate fight to contain the Shia menace. It was thus, with much sadness, that Arabs viewed the defeat, and recent demise, of Saddam Hussein. For many Sunnis in the region, Saddam was their champion.

The Sunnis see America as being stupid, or greedy to control Iraqi oil, or both, in their overthrow of Saddam. Because of this U.S. action, the Shia, and thus, Iran, controls Iraq. The Sunni control of Islams holy places is now threatened. This seems certain once Iran gets nuclear weapons. Note that, during the thirty years Israel has had nuclear weapons, there was no great effort in the Arab world to do the same. But now that Iran is going nuclear, there's all this talk of developing (or buying from the Pakistanis) the "Arab bomb." Believe it, because the Arabs do.


Europe will sink into Islamic abyss

Europe will sink into Islamic abyss

January 23, 2007

Islam is out to conquer Israel, Europe and the world for Allah.

And in Europe it is within a half-century of victory, according to a new book by Hebrew University professor of Islamic Studies, Raphael Israeli.

The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe will be in bookstores in the coming months.

"It is time one should wake up and realize what is happening in Europe," Israeli says.

Once the number of Muslims comprise a substantial percentage of the population in European states, (they don't need to be in a majority) they will have the political power to change the face of the continent, probably irreversibly.

Europe - long a swamp of antisemitism, but also the former bastion of Christianity - embraced secularism and tolerance of all things, thereby opening wide the door to jihad.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Christians' Suffering under Islamofascist Hamas, Hezbullah

Christians' Suffering under Islamofascist Hamas, Hezbullah

Difficult for Christians to Survive in the Middle EastJournal Chrétien - 21 Ene 2007And since the election victories of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, the rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the bloody ...


Terrorism Tehran-style (via Hezbullah Islamic Terrorists)

Terrorism Tehran-style (via Hezbullah Islamic Terrorists)

Terrorism Tehran-style

Courier Mail, Australia - Jan 21, 2007

YOU know it's not business as usual when prosecutors from one country file a criminal indictment against another country's head of state.

But that's precisely what happened late last year when Argentine authorities laid terrorism charges against former Iranian president Ali Akbar Rafsanjani.

In open court, Rafsanjani and other retired Iranian government officials were formally accused of masterminding the bombing of a Jewish community centre in 1994. The AMIA building in Buenos Aires was flattened in an explosion that killed 85 people and wounded more than 200 other civilians.

But despite countless litres of innocent blood on its hands, Hezbollah's defenders insist the movement does not engage in terrorism. ...,23739,21094377-27197,00.html


80% of 'Palestinians' in fear under Hamas reign of terror

80% of 'Palestinians' in fear under Hamas reign of terror Jerusalem Newswire, Israel - Palestinian Arabs
80% of 'Palestinians' in fear under Hamas reign of terror

January 22, 2007

Palestinian Arab society is harvesting the fruits of the violence it has agreed to live with for decades.
A new poll shows that 80 percent of these Arabs who live in areas under control of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority fear for their personal safety.
Seventy-six percent believe their security situation is worse under Hamas than it was when the PLO's Fatah faction held a majority in the PA.
Hamas was handed control of the PA by the "Palestinian" electorate a year ago, in general elections international monitors vouched had been "free and fair."
Self destructive palestinian Arabs? say it again!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Another 'Palestinian' MYTH, 'right of return'

Another 'Palestinian' MYTH, 'right of return'

...Thus, the accusations that the creation of the State of Israel led to the eradication and dispossession of a Palestinian ‘nation,’ and that Israel continues to obstruct and deny the Palestinian’s right of self-determination, are spurious at best, since, as Robert Spencer, scholar of Islamic history, notes, before the 1967 war when Israel took control of Gaza and the West Bank, no one — including the Palestinians themselves — thought of themselves as a nation, that this “supposed national identity was invented in the 1960s in what turned about to be an extraordinarily successful ploy to adjust the paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict with the newly-minted Palestinians as the underdogs.”

Nor was the land that the Palestinian Arabs fled from in what would become Israel ever land to which Palestinian refugees could ever make a legally sound claim. “None of the West Bank and Gaza Strip has ever been ‘Palestinian Land,’” said columnist and historian David Meir-Levi. “Before Israel’s, the last legal sovereignty over these territories was that of the Ottoman Empire. The British Mandate was a temporary care-taker control established by the League of Nations. And from 1948 to 1967, the West Bank was illegally occupied and annexed by Jordan, and the Gaza Strip by Egypt — both in stark defiance of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and UN resolutions 181 and 194.”

There is some irony in the fact that the Palestinians have repeatedly violated both the spirit and intent of 194, that particular UN resolution containing a reference to the concept of ‘return’ to one’s country, although two key points are characteristically ignored by those pointing to this source as justification for their legal claim. First, Resolution 194 was the product of the UN General Assembly and "is an expression of sentiment and carries no binding force whatsoever," meaning that it is meant to make recommendations but not binding law. What it did suggest, however, was that “the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which . . . should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.”

According to the evaluation of law professor Ruth Lapidoth of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, this language precludes an interpretation of the UN resolution that supports a Palestinian claim for an unqualified right of return as opposed to a suggested one. “Though the Arab states originally rejected the resolution,” she wrote (specifically because it would mean giving implicit recognition of the existence of Israel), “they later relied on it heavily and have considered it as recognition of a wholesale right of repatriation.”

But according to Professor Lapidoth, “this interpretation . . . does not seem warranted: the paragraph does not recognize any ‘right,’ but recommends that the refugees ‘should’ be ‘permitted’ to return. Moreover, that permission is subject to two conditions — that the refugee wishes to return, and that he wishes to live at peace with his neighbors,” something the Arab world, even now, has clearly never seen fit to do. And there is another significant aspect of the “refugee” problem from the 1940s that everyone demanding rights of return and reparations for Palestinian refugees conveniently forgets: some 800,000-900,000 Jews, some of whom had lived in Arab lands for 1,000 years and were fully integrated into those societies, were expelled and all their wealth (estimated to be about ten times that of the Palestinians) confiscated as the nascent Israel was being established. No one now cries over their lost possessions, homes, property, and citizenships.

So for observers like professor Karsh, the recommendations of Resolution 194 "could as readily apply to the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were then being driven from Arab states in revenge for the situation in Palestine," and in fact were meant to, since the refugees mentioned in the resolution are purposely not defined as being either Arab or Jew. In fact, many diplomats and officials had anticipated an exchange of refugees, as has happened successfully in other similar social upheavals, where Palestinian refugees would have been absorbed in Arab states and Jewish refugees would have settled in Israel — exactly what happened to some 600,000 Jewish refugees.

Legal scholars also point out that international law grants the right to leave or return to one’s country only to individuals, not as a collective right as the Palestinians claim. More importantly, no population of refugees has ever presumed that the right of return — if such a right even exists — could be claimed, not only by the original refugees, but also by all of their descendants.


Palestinians kill Palestinian children - and not by accident. No criticism is heard


Again, and again, Arabs DON'T want the 'Palestinians' but use them 4 anti Israel fascism

Palestinians told to (by Shiites) leave immediately or 'prepare to die', Palestinians told to leave immediately or 'prepare to die' Gulf News, United Arab Emirates - 5 hours agoBaghdad/London: Palestinians living in Iraq have been warned that they will be killed by Shiite militias unless they leave the country immediately. ... from WWW.GULFNEWS.COM

Again, and again, Arabs DON'T want them but use them 4 anti Israel fascism, never ever believe that there is ANY Arab entity that cares for Arab "Palestinians".
Then again I can not blame the Iraqis for not wanting the troublemakers.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Hrant Dink Is The Latest Victim of The Armenian Genocide

Hrant Dink Is The Latest Victim of The Armenian Genocide
“Turkey creates an atmosphere of intolerance, passes laws against speaking about the Armenian Genocide and encourages its denial. .. Turkish Police Identify Suspect in Killing of Journalist

"Religion of peace": If you dare say that Muslims have commited on Christian Aramenians a genocide (1.5 Millions!), you are dead?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Islamic Terror Hezbollah Inside America: FOX News Tells All in Documentary

Islamic Terror Hezbollah Inside America: FOX News Tells All in Documentary,2933,244002,00.html

Hezbollah Inside America: FOX News Tells All in Documentary
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
By David Asman

Does any terrorist organization pose a greater threat to Americans than Al Qaeda?

The shocking answer to that question unfolds this Saturday, January 20th, at 8 p.p. EST, as FOX News Channel presents a breakthrough documentary, “Smokescreen: Hezbollah Inside America.”

While Americans are still largely focused on Al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden — who’s presumably rotting away in some cave — the terrorist group Hezbollah has been setting up shop right here in America’s heartland. And most Americans don’t know a thing about it. But we should no more about Hezbollah — a lot more.

As tensions with Iran are increasing, it’s important to keep in mind that Hezbollah is largely funded by Iran and has operated as its tool in terror operations around the world. As former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte recently reminded us: “Hezbollah’s self-confidence and hostility toward the U.S. as a supporter of Israel could cause the group to increase its contingency planning against U.S. interests.”


Russian Forces on High (Islamic) Terror Alert

Russian Forces on High (Islamic) Terror Alert

Russian Forces on High Terror Alert By STEVE GUTTERMAN The Associated Press Tuesday, January 16, 2007; 10:15 PM MOSCOW -- Russian authorities have ordered security forces on high alert after receiving information from foreign officials pointing to the threat of a terrorist attack on public transportation...

Several bombings have occurred in the Moscow subway system and on ground transport in the capital and elsewhere during more than 12 years of conflict in mostly Muslim Chechnya, where large-scale fighting ended years ago but an insurgency continues. Separatist rebels from Chechnya and other restive parts of southern Russia's troubled Caucasus region have claimed responsibility for or been blamed for most of the many terrorist attacks that have plagued the country.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Islamo FaScism, Islamo Nazism, FACTS!

The Islamic activists are only offended at definging the Islamists, but never what they do! Wonderful palestinian parents... any wonder their kids die?

Hey, even paying Jimmy Carter to be recruited... all the money is "holy" for Islamic hate


So you know what they mean by "apartheid"...





Lying palestinians dreass their kids as "jews", the usual to invent "stotries" on the Zionists, to instill "anger" and HATE



The usual slogan by the "religion of peace" palestinians shout "itbach al yahood", sloughter the Jews!


"Itbach Al-Yahud!" thousands of PA Muslims chant in frenzied anger,  Like Germans of the Third Reich, the Palestinians worship dark gods. ...





As strated by the chief palestinian Arab Muslim "spiritual" leader in the 1920's, the MUFTI, that orchestrated the massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1929...

Here he meets his buddy Adolf Hitler, inspects SS troops in WW2.

   Nazi Roots Of Islamofascism


4 Bosnian Muslims convicted of plotting terror attacks in Europe

4 Bosnian Muslims convicted of plotting terror attacks in Europe

January 14, 2007 10:32 AM SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Four men were convicted Wednesday of plotting to blow up an unidentified European target and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, court officials said. Prosecutors said the four men, two Bosnians, a Swede and a Turkish citizen, were preparing to launch a terror attack a European country to force to pull foreign troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The exact target of the plot remains unclear.

Police found a "suicide belt" rigged with a powerful homemade explosive device; pistols; ammunition and a videotape outlining how to build a bomb when they raided a Sarajevo apartment in late 2005, prosecutors said. Mirsad Bektasevic, 19, a Swedish citizen, was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and Abdulkadir Cesur, 18, a Turk who had been living in Denmark, was sentenced to 13 years for planning a terrorist act, court officials said.

Bajro Ikanovic, 30, was sentenced to eight years for supplying them with explosives. The fourth defendant, Senad Hasanovic, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years for illegal possession of weapons and explosives. Both are Bosnian citizens.

A fifth suspect, Bosnian Amir Bajric, pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced in July to two years in prison for helping the group to purchase explosives. The five were arrested in late 2005 following the raid on an apartment rented by Bektasevic and Cesur. The suspects traveled to Bosnia "with the aim to commit a terrorist act on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina or some other European country" to force countries to pull their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, prosecutor Ahmet Halebic said during a May hearing at Bosnia's State Court. The videotape included a voiceover saying: "Brothers are preparing for an attack here. They are showing you the things they will use in the attack.
... These brothers will attack ... those who are killing our brothers and Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan." The voiceover said the attack was aimed against Europe. Investigators have not yet managed to find out which country the men were plotting to attack and could only specify that it was a European country with soldiers were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Authorities in Denmark, Sweden, Bosnia and Britain have been cooperating in the investigation, officials said.


where are all moderate Muslims?

Where are all moderate Muslims?

Where are all moderate Muslims?

An answer to what has become a ubiquitous question


I have given hundreds of talks and lectures throughout the Houston area in the past few years on issues of world religion and religion in public life. The question that always comes in the Q&A no matter what the topic, no matter if the audience is liberal or conservative, is "Where are all the moderate Muslims?"

The ubiquity of this question is deeply problematic. Not because the desire for so-called "moderate Muslims" is bad. (It isn't.) Not because the people who ask it are bad or bigoted. (They usually aren't.) The question is problematic because of what it assumes: that Islam is naturally predisposed to extremist interpretation; that most of the up to 10 million Muslims in the United States are not moderate, but radical; that those who claim to be moderate aren't because they don't stand up and denounce the extremists. None of these assumptions is supported by evidence. In fact, evidence exists to the contrary.

Muslim condemnations of terror abound, as even the most rudimentary Google search indicates. Plug in "Muslims condemn 9/11" and take an hour or so to just get started. Or read the Fiqh Council of North America's fatwa against terrorism declared in July 2005 and endorsed by 120 organizations and groups in the United States and Canada. Or go to the Council on American-Islamic Relations Web site to view the 30-second TV public service announcements they created and ran in English, Arabic and Urdu. "Why haven't we seen these things before?" you ask. You might direct that question to your local news outlets. And, given our access to the Internet, maybe we all could take more responsibility for being accurately informed citizens.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


California Muslim Arrested after Threat to "Kill All Jews"

California Muslim Arrested after Threat to "Kill All Jews"
PALM SPRINGS a 35-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly made terrorist threats inside a Palm Springs bar, police said


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