Sunday, January 14, 2007


Islamo FaScism, Islamo Nazism, FACTS!

The Islamic activists are only offended at definging the Islamists, but never what they do! Wonderful palestinian parents... any wonder their kids die?

Hey, even paying Jimmy Carter to be recruited... all the money is "holy" for Islamic hate


So you know what they mean by "apartheid"...





Lying palestinians dreass their kids as "jews", the usual to invent "stotries" on the Zionists, to instill "anger" and HATE



The usual slogan by the "religion of peace" palestinians shout "itbach al yahood", sloughter the Jews!


"Itbach Al-Yahud!" thousands of PA Muslims chant in frenzied anger,  Like Germans of the Third Reich, the Palestinians worship dark gods. ...





As strated by the chief palestinian Arab Muslim "spiritual" leader in the 1920's, the MUFTI, that orchestrated the massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1929...

Here he meets his buddy Adolf Hitler, inspects SS troops in WW2.

   Nazi Roots Of Islamofascism

Really: The Evil Religion. Absolutelly sick.

I'd never read or heard so many SHIT in my life since Nazi and Communist adresses...

Muslim speech makes me vomit...

The big rat came back. The new Hitler, dictator of the Iran, visited several latin-american countries, preaching the Nazism. The rat-face tyrant of the worst hospice shit hole in the Hell, where the persons (sub) live in the Stone Age, feeding the terrorism and the civil war in the Iraq, came as invited of honor for watch cucarachas presidents inaugurals.

Normal: the biggest flies are attracted by the biggest pieces of shit. The scum of the Humanity is rallying Latin America "because they are all anti-American leaders; and the United States lose with that." Lose what? Just lose the little remainder of respect that still would have for the cucarachas. What we earn hating the best and associating to the worst?

We have nothing it fear, except ourselves. Latin America already had some attention during Cold War. Today, solemnly it is despised. Because it is really despicable. Nobody is interested in spend a second of his precious time with insignificant countries. When a gorilla turns dictator threatening everyone who opposes socialism will be punished with death, that is problem of the people that elected him only. Capitalists business remain the same. Who says that is the president of peru, Alan Garcia: "Chavez is a hypocrite. He sells 80% of the oil to the Americans, but insults as “bribed” anyone else which do business with the United States."

As usual, who ruins Latin America are latin-americans themselves.
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