Sunday, January 28, 2007


ISLAMO NAZIS send HATE mail to a Rabbi (Seattle) posing as "Christians"

ISLAMO NAZIS send HATE mail (Seattle) posing as "Christians"

It seems that impostors are not just the norm on internet forums, it is just another pan of the virus of ISLAMIC DECEIT.

Recently at the controversy in Seattle WA, when the airport took down all the Christmas trees, and Neo Nazis blamed the "jews" as opportunists-haters, because a rabbi "dared" to ask to have a Menorah besides the Christmas tree...

The Muslim nazi vermin decided to 'jumped on the wagon' and sent tons of emails to the rabbi, the problem is that they showed their ISLAMIC colors by talking too much about the nukes (Pro Islamic fanatic Iran syndrome), there were more evidence but the experts prefer not to give out Muslims' pattern...

Not to say that all emails were from the "religion of peace", but most were!

Especially from Bay area Muslims.

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