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Islam Uber Alles? - Does Islam and Shariah Have More In Common With Nazi

Islam Uber Alles?

Does Islam and Shariah Have More In Common With Nazi
Ideology Than With Religion?

By Steven Simpson Monday, October 11, 2010

Since the atrocities committed on 9/11/01 by Middle Eastern Muslim
terrorists in the name of Islam, people in the U.S. and West have debated
whether Islam is “a religion of peace” or more of an all-encompassing
totalitarian ideology cloaked in religious garb. Unfortunately, it appears that
the Qur’an, Shariah, and the Islamic terrorist attacks of the last thirty years,
indicate that Islam is indeed a totalitarian ideology engaged in an effort of
world-wide conquest much like Nazism. The major difference being that Nazism was
based on racial affiliation while Islam is based on religious affiliation.

The word “Islam” – contrary to popular belief – means
“submission” and not “peace.” When Islam was founded by Muhammad ibn Abdallah in
the 7th century, it conquered the Arabian Peninsula through bloody wars and
conquests against fellow Arabs, and Jewish tribes. After the consolidation of
Islam in Arabia, the Arabs quickly moved out to conquer the Persian and
Byzantine empires, as well as parts of India, and subsequently Spain. All was
done under the sword or through discrimination. It was not done by peacefully
proselytizing the indigenous populations.

A Brief Overview of Shariah:

The holy book of Islam – the Qur’an – contains laws and commandments for
the believing Muslim. It is also a book that is replete with references to war,
conquest, and the treatment of non-Muslims. From the Qur’an (primarily), and the
Sunnah and Hadith (secondarily) came - amongst other principles - the exegesis
(tafsir) and jurisprudence (fiqh) of how the laws, sayings, customs, and
traditions of Muhammad were to be interpreted. Thus was born Shariah (meaning
the “path”). Shariah is not a simple concept to explain (even by and for
Muslims), but it can simply be equated with “Islamic law.”

dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life – both private and public. It is a
total system that not only encompasses the individual, but how the government
should rule as well. Islam is therefore a religio-political entity and ideally
guided by a caliph (“successor”) to Muhammad. However, the Caliph came to be
something of a “supreme leader” as both the head of government and the head of
religion. In short, there is no separation of “mosque and state” in an ideal
Islamic setting.

While different schools of Shariah exist with various
interpretations of the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith, all see Islam and Muslims as
superior to every other religion, and view non-Muslims as “dhimmi” (plural,
“dhimma”) who are regarded as inferior to Muslims under Islamic law. It is the
dhimma (namely Jews, Christians, and other monotheistic religions) who must pay
the jizya and kharaj (poll and land taxes) because they do not recognize the
Qur’an. They must also wear distinctive clothing (usually yellow for Jews, and
blue for Christians.)

The Nazi-Islamic Alliance:

During the
1930’s Muslims of all different nationalities (most notably Arabs and Persians)
were very sympathetic to Adolph Hitler and Nazism. The reverse was also true.
Hitler and Heinrich Himmler only had respectful things to say of Islam, and
Hitler himself had said that it would have been better if Germany had possessed
the “Mohammedan religion” rather than the “meekness and flabbiness” of

At the same time, in the Arab world, Nazi-like movements
began to spring up. There were the “Nazi Scouts” of Arab youth in British
mandated Palestine (based on the Hitler Youth) the “Green Shirts” of Egypt, and
the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. Even the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt was
influenced by the Nazis in its political ideology, and many fleeing Nazis were
warmly welcomed in Arab countries after World War II.

But Nazi ideology
also had an effect in non-Arab Muslim countries, such as Iran. In 1935, Persia
was renamed Iran (Land of the Aryans) and Reza Shah Pahlavi, the ruler of
Persia/Iran had an open admiration for Hitler. There was also an Iranian Nazi
party known as SUMKA with its own Nazi-like symbol. However, fears among the
allies were so great that the British had Reza Shah deposed because of perceived
German influence in Iran. Indeed, Churchill had at least on one occasion
compared the Qur’an to Mein Kampf.

It was during this period, that the
Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini sought out Adolph Hitler and other top
Nazis in order to apply the Arab/Muslim “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”
in the Middle East. Hitler and Himmler were very receptive, and with the help of
the Mufti, Himmler raised two Muslim Waffen SS divisions; one from Bosnia
(Handschar, meaning “scimitar”), and one from Albania. There were also lesser
known Waffen SS divisions made up of Muslims from the Soviet Caucasus. Hitler
promised Husseini that once the Germans penetrated through the Caucasus, the
“hour of liberation” for the Arabs would come.

How could devout Muslims
ally themselves so willingly with a basically pagan, racist ideology like that
of Nazism? The answer is simple. Nazism, like Islam, is driven by a dictatorial
totalitarian system with a “leader principle” that divides the world into the
“superior” and “inferior.” One can easily substitute the terms “Fuhrer, “Aryan,”
“Ubermensch,” and “Untermensch,” for “Caliph,” “Muslim,” “dhimmi,” and “kafir”.
And there is also the concept of “jihad” in Islam which divides the world into
“dar al-Islam” (house of Islam, where Muslims rule) and “dar al harb” (house of
war, where “infidels” rule). And like Islam, which seeks the total Islamization
of the world, Nazism also sought the total domination of the “Aryan” over the
“non-Aryan” and the total extermination of the Jews. As previously alluded to,
the wearing of yellow clothing was a Muslim invention, not a Nazi one. And there
is also a genocidal Hadith that exists from the 7th century which speaks of a
final war between the Muslims and Jews, resulting in the latter’s total
annihilation. This Hadith is quite openly spoken of in the Muslim world to this
day, as is the boasting of Muhammad’s “ethnic cleansing” through murder and
expulsion of the Jews living in Arabia.

The Final Chapter?
Muslim attacks of 9/11 should have woken up America and the West to what Islam
is – and isn’t. Instead, the masses received from world leaders nothing but
platitudes and compliments for Islam which George W. Bush constantly referred to
as a “religion of peace.” And, of course, the words “Islam” and “terrorism”
could never be mentioned in the same sentence.

Perhaps the real issue is
not Shariah per se, but Islam and the Qur’an as a whole. While the world argues
about “moderate” and “radical” Islam, fundamentalist Muslims plan the demise of
the Western world and its Judeo-Christian concepts and values. Under the guise
of “taqiyyah” (dissimulation), Muslims either seek the conversion of non-Muslims
peacefully through “dawa” (the call), or more likely, through “jihad” (holy
war). In the words of convicted failed Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad,
“Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me only
a first droplet of the blood that will follow me.”

In the early 1930’s
the free world made the mistake of dismissing Hitler’s words as mere threats and
ravings. Will the West make the same mistake when continually confronted with
Islamic terror?


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