Wednesday, February 14, 2007


When The Arab-Muslims shout "racism"

Islam does, of course, contain within itself an Arab supremacist ideology,
as one can easily begin to comprehend, and the Arab treatment of non-Arab
Muslims (Berbers, Kurds, black Africans in Darfur) is on display right now, for
all the world's non-Arab Muslims, and its Infidels, to view and come to
understand. If there is any "racism" charge to be flung, it must be flung at
Islam, as a vehicle for that Arab imperialism that has been the most successful
imperialism in history, causing those non-Arabs conquered to desperately wish to
become, in some way, just like the Arabs who conquered them through islamization
-- to become "Arabs."

But that is a separate matter, offered here only by way of reply to those
Muslims who would dare to raise the specter of "racism."

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