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Jihadi 'racial hatred': Forsane Alizza - Arab-Muslim Mohammed Merah: "Jewish school massacre"

Jihadi 'racial hatred':

Forsane Alizza - Mohammed Merah: French "Jewish school massacre." March 19, 2012

A racist[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Arab-Muslim murders a Rabbi and 3 children outside Jewish school in Toulouse, France
. A clear hate crime.[11][12][13]

- He took aim at victims and chased some into schoolyard.[14]

- He shot at such close range that the gunfire burned the skin.[15] - The killer got off his motor bike to grab an eight-year-old girl and shoot her in the head. He picked her up -as she was bleeding- shot her in the head again, to make sure she died.[16] - He also filmed[17] his crimes for sick-kicks.[18]

Muslim fanatic... was so proud of his unspeakably evil work that he uploaded sickening video to the Internet showing him executing a helpless, terrified 8-year-old girl... Mohammed Merah is seen yanking Myriam Monsenego by her hair - then firing a bullet into her head while he holds her... Pure Evil: Mohammed Merah.[19]

- The sadistic Arab-Muslim felt 'endless pleasure' during school massacre... wished he could have killed more.[20] His 'Very proud' brother of Merah charged after explosives found in his car.[21] Abdelkader Merah: "I'm proud he executed those 3 kids."[22]

- The Arab Muslim, Mohammed Merah, was affiliated with 'al-Qaida' and (Sharia pusher[23]) 'Forsane Alizza.'[24] Dedicated to strict implementation of Sharia, to abolish demoratic regimes and replacing them with Islamic ones, and to 'restore the Caliphate.'[25]

According to Forsane Alizza, the return of the Caliph is the only way for the Muslim community to regain a safe living environment.[26]

WSJ explains: 'The Jihadist was no lone wolf.' He was practically a prince in violent extremist circles.[27]

'Forsane Alizza,' is an Islamic hate group inciting and training for terrorism, acting under a banner of "fighting Islamophobia." Banned in France -two months prior to the massacre-[28] for inciting racial hatred.[29]

In 2010, it invaded a McDonald's restaurant, shouting anti-Semitic slogans. [30] Two members of the radical Islamic group “Forsane Alizza” were convicted of 'inciting racial hatred' by a court.[31]

- It reminded French Jews, that they "live in constant fear of Arab attacks, and the government does nothing."[32]

- He said his only regret was not having been able to carry out his plans for more killings.[33]

- After a 32 hours siege, the 'racist serial killer'[34] al-Qaeda militant died in a hail of bullets... as he jumped out of an apartment window[35]

- A Facebook page, which bore a picture of the self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda militant and was titled "Homage to Mohamed Merah", was consulted by more than 500 people before it was removed just hours after it appeared,[36] French police had to disperse a Muslim march in his "honor,"[37] and Jihadist produced video glorifying Mohammed Merah.[38]

- His 'supportive' Arab-Islamic neighbourhood: 'he was one of our own, no matter what he did.'[39]

- Anti-Semitic Muslim fundamentalist[40], Muslim Brotherhood's buddy, Tariq Ramadan, trying to rationalize bigotry, propagated the racist Arab Merah as being a "victim." He was heavily criticized for pushing a fake Muslim victimhood.[41][42][43][44]

- (Some also suspect Iran's proxy Hezbollah aided[45], possibly even working in coordination with al-Qaida[46]).

- Murderer was motivated by propaganda and lies,[47][48] the fraud of [self-inflicted] Palestinian-Arab "suffering."[49]

He certainly was influenced by a general fraudelant "Palestinian" images (like al-Dura) and hype - atmosphere, with Euro media bias picking/backing it up.[50]

- It comes, a week after an inflammatory tweet by a "Palestinian' propagandist, a UN worker Khulood Badawi,[51][52][53] posting a bloodied image of an old accidental dead Arab child, tweeting it around as a supposed "Israel" recent deed. (Typical Pallywood[54]).

(It has been suggested[55], that Merah might have even see the tweet and inspired by it. Especially since he specifically talked about 'Palestinian children'[56]).

The terrible racist murder of schoolchildren in Toulouse has shocked France.[57]



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