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How many countries did Islamic Republic of Iran attack in the last 30 Years? (Today Oct/25/10 on Fox's 'The Factor,' CAIR'S lies)

How many countries did Islamic Republic of Iran attack in the last 30 Years? (Today Oct/25/10 on Fox's 'The Factor,' CAIR'S lies)

Today, Mr. Rehab of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relation) asked spinned Bill O'reilly "How many countries did Iran attack in the last 30 Years..."?

Action by its government directly and/or via its armed -Hezbollah- wing:

* Hijacking of Americans (direct attack on the US) in 1979.

* US Marine Barracks in Oct. 1983, killing 241 Americans and 58 French soldiers.

* 1984-8 string of hijacking, torturing US personell.

* 1980s torturing of Lebanese Jews.

* Bombing of US embassy in Lebanon in April 18, 1983, killing 63.

* Bombings in Paris, France, in 1985 and 1986. Dozens killed.

* Attacking Israel since the 1980s via Hezbollah and Hamas terror "freedom fighting" Jihadi organizations.

* Unsuccessful attempt to carry out attacks in Cyprus in 1988; a plot, foiled by Spanish police, to carry out attacks against Jewish targets in Europe in 1989; an unsuccessful attempt to detonate a car bomb outside a Jewish community building in Romania in 1992; and a planned 1996 attack, also foiled by police, on an Israeli institution in Paris.

* 1992 Bombing of Israeli embassy in Argentina. Killed 29.

* 1994 Bombing of AMIA Jewish community building in Argentina, killed 85 and wounded 300, both, Iran and Hezbollah were charged.

* July 19, 1994 bombing of Panamanian airline. Kills everyone (21) on board.

* Killing of many American and British soldiers in Iraq (its trainors and weapons found there).

* Killing of many of US, NATO soldiers in Afghanistan (backing Taliban).

* Hezbollah "activities" in Somalia.

* Many (Christian and pro western) Lebanese citizens fell victims to the terrorizing Hezbollah mob.

* Use of Lebanese civilians, in its wars against Israel.


Hezbollah's criminal activities streches from "blood diamonds" in Africa to Latin Amerca's drug trafficking.


I'd say that attacking: US, France, Britain, Afghaistan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, and its oppression and constant crimes against humanity on its own -millions of Iranian- citizens... threatening 'Death to US' - the "big Satan," planning a nuclear attack for genocide on 6,000,000 Jews in Israel (with an introduction of denying the Holocaust), treatening its immediate neighbours, Europe... Ahmadinejad's dreaming of becoming the "Mahdi" to dominate the world under a theocratic Islamic totalitarian system run by the mullahs, constitute a serious threat, Don't you?

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