Tuesday, November 03, 2009


When Islamists made their roots south of the border...

Venezuela's dictator: H. Chavez that “sees” only money, oil and Anti-Americanism-Power, does “serve” the Islamic Iranian Republic well, giving out passports to anyone.

From that “port” it is quite easy for an Islamic Iranian AGENT to arrive into any other Latin American country as a... “Venezuelan”.

A “random” different case (of a Muslim trying to “blend” into Latin America), a year ago, a Jordanian Arab that “met” a Costa Rican (Tica) girl in Spain (she vouched for him in CR, as this man came from the area in Jordan where a visa is required in Costa Rica), eventually he came into CR with a (so called) British passport, luckily for one eye that saw something about that Arab that it didn't make sense (how poor his English was...), the British embassy was contacted and sure enough, it appeared that it was a fake passport, the Jordanian Arab flew from Jordan to France, then took the train from France to England (where the passport was “made”), from there to Spain, from Spain to CR, and no one saw anything suspicious until he got into CR.

Some dry facts:

Any person can become immediately a “Panamanian” citizen if he/she deposits $150,000 in the bank, Panama “appreciates” the “investor” in the country which is why: Japan, China, etc. don't respect much a Panamanian passport.

The Arabs on the borders:

The borders between: Venezuela (in itself has already a great Lebanese representation in Caracas, Margarita, etc.) - Colombia is saturated by Arab (Lebanese, mainly in Macao, though traditionally most Arabs there are not Muslim, that has changed lately, more so there's a growing sympathy and help - Muslims get from “non-Muslim” Arabs).

Panama - Costa Rica, there are many Arabs living in northern Panama (Chiriqui, stores in David) and in Southern Costa Rica, in fact even the grocery on the border is by a “Palestinian” Arab...

Paraguay-Brazil-Argentina, this tri-area border has been already on CIA’s list for years as a heavy Hezbollah operated illegal activities and sources of funding terrorism.

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