Saturday, February 14, 2009


Similarities of dictators’ tolalitarianism, Chavez & Islamofascists

Similarities of dictators’ tolalitarianism, Chavez & Islamofascists

‘You better say I am “nice” or you are “out”.’


Dictator Chavez: “You better say I am “not” a dictator… or else.

Venezuela ousts EU politician for insulting Chavez

Story Highlights

Venezuela ousts Spanish EU member

Hugo Chavez’s opposition had asked EU member to observe upcoming election

Spaniard called Hugo Chavez a dictator

Venezuelans to vote Sunday on whether to remove president’s term limits

CARACAS, Venezuela (CNN) — Venezuela on Friday expelled a Spanish member of the European Parliament after he called President Hugo Chavez a dictator and criticized Chavez’s handling of a referendum on term limits that the lawmaker had been set to observe.


Islamofascism: “You better say Islam is ‘peace’, or else…”

Behead All Those Who Insult Islam by Michelle Malkin on National …”Slay those who insult Islam. Butcher those who mock Islam.”… They’ll eventually pay lip service to The Religion of Peace

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