Monday, January 05, 2009


An 'Arab Muslim Behavior day' suggested for Israel - for a change

Israel should stop being themselves behaving humanely
- copy Arab Muslim entities' behavior - for one day!

5 Jan. 2009

OK, Here's a proposition:

1) Stop all dropping of leaflets, phone calls, intercepting messages on
Arab media, etc. and other forms of notification to the Arab public, letting
them in on the information as to which zones certain operations are to be
conducted (so they can evacuate ahead of time), Why risk Israeli soldiers lives
in notifying the enemy where you are to be operating.

2) Don't send Israeli soldiers into harms way, why the need to
sacrifice precious young Israeli lives running into booby traps, Hamas
terrorists disguised as "civilians", etc. just bombard completely the area,
level it to the ground!

What? Why not? what's seem to be the problem? 'Palestinian' civilians you
say? but the anti Israel haters keep telling us that Israel doesn't care about
civilians, right?

What can Israel lose?
The Arabists & Islamists "cry" anyways that
Israel is (supposedly) "massacring" civilians, why is anything going to be
changed after one day of Israel stopping to be so humane, for just a one time,
a 24 hours period...?

Let's see how Arab Muslim nations deal with violent Intifadas, Jordan
massacred a few thousand Palestinian Arabs in rise of the infamous 'Black
September', Syria massacred about 10-20,000 in a few nights at Hama 'Islamic
uprising', or Egypt's handling of 'the Muslim Brotherhood', Lebanon's handling
of Palestinian radicals in the "refugee camps", not to mention
how the Palestinian factions butcher each other, or whom the Palestinians target,
which is mainly civilians, preferably children, (to pick on a current example)
like the Qassam rockets who are fired specifically on schools at the 'hours the
children come or go to/from school). Why can't Israel pretend to be
an "equal moral Arab Muslim entity"?

On a second thought, nah, it won't work, it sure won't happen, one can
understand that Jews CAN'T behave like them, they can't ever target civilians,

At least don't be a 'policeman' to prevent it if an "opportunity"

Do not prevent any anti Hamas Arab fighters that want to take on Islamic
group, even if another 'Sabra Shatila' (then by Christians in Lebanon, now by
any other anti Islamists-Palestinian group) is to be carried out, turn a blind
eye! do not intervene amidst a killing of a few thousands in one go, and see
what happens then.

What "more" can the anti Israel bigots shout then anything else they
haven't used already? again those cliche words "massacres" and even "genocide"?
as they are already by now --so outrageously-- accusing Israel with these
hype slogans?

If Israel really were as sadistic as its critics claim, it wouldn't have called off yesterday's bombing run. Just the opposite: It would have jumped at the chance to kill so many Palestinians at one go. Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, and hundreds of Israeli "human shields" positioned themselves in an unguarded cafe in the West Bank. Palestinian suicide bombers would be stepping over each other in an effort to attack the target. "Human shields" work only when your enemy fights like a human.

Hama massacre or even Jordan's Black September campaign against the Palestinians in 1970.

Black September

As Egypt cracks down, charges of wide abuse 10 Oct 2007 ... As the government cracks down hard in both the Sinai and on opposition activists , such as members of the Muslim Brotherhood

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