Monday, December 08, 2008


Iraq and disastrous pan-Arabism

Towards another disaster
By Aso Karim
The Kurdish Globe
04 December 2008, 02:04 EST
Since the Iraqi State has been established under
the hands of the English, only the Kurds asked for power-sharing,
decentralization, and autonomy, and are now insisting on federalism, democracy,
and accordance.
The Arab elite see those demands of the Kurds as separatist
and rebellion. In short, Kurds were the makers of change in Iraq, but they
couldn't find a large front of change around themselves that can accept part of
those demands. As a result they have faced big disasters.
...of the
governing [Arab] elite, according to their ideological and political
The source of that is the very idea
of power hunger and centralism that were brought to Iraq by the English in the
1920s, and which was developed by the pan-Arabism movement that was developed in
80 years. This has only brought about disaster

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