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More on the devilish racist pan-Arabism (in books)

The Middle East - Page 89
by Library Information and Research Service - Middle East - 1999
After Sayyid Jamal, in Arabic countries and especially in Egypt, many
individuals were found who, by leaning on racism, Arabism and pan-Arabism, ...

A New Road for France - Page 30
by Jacques Soustelle, Benjamin Protter - Political Science -
1965 - 278 pages
Israel and French Algeria were... two barriers against which the totalitarian wave.. embodied by Nasser... a dictatorial pseudo-state type was created in Algeria, firmly tied to a single party, dominated by
the racist ideology of a Nasser-type pan-Arabism and by the revolutionary fanaticism of the Ulemas...algeria engaged itself in this fundamental domain on the road traced by Nasser's Pan-Arabism and that the Christian and Jewish minority has been victim of a new discrimination ...the enlightened spokesmen of human fraternity and peace are
by Gamal Abdel-Nasser, who assiduously prepares, with the Nazis around him, the revenge of Himmler and Eichmann against Israel.

Violence, Political Culture & Development in Africa - Page 98
by Preben Kaarsholm - Social Science - 2006 - 208 pages
... and the racist ideology of 'Arabism' aligned with Islam that a succession of governments in Khartoum had adopted in fighting the wars in the South. ...

Rethinking Nationalism in the Arab Middle
East - Page 213
by James P. Jankowski, I. Gershoni - History - 1997 - 372
... of the Algerian Front Islamique du Salut (FIS) uses the 1967
defeat as proof that Arabism, being a form of racism, cannot elicit a sense
of community ...

African Politics - Page 84
by P. F. Gonidec - Political Science - 1980 - 367 pages
In the beginning, under the umbrella of Islamism and
subsequently of Arabism,
... This is the 'anti-racist racism' of JP Sartre, who has
very well analysed ...

Racism, Culture, Markets - Page 139
by John Gabriel - Social Science - 1994 - 212 pages
without parallel economic growth... inevitably delivers a
population into some kind of ism, whether it be communism,
fascism or pan Arabism, and weans them away from democracy

Ideology and International Relations in the Modern World - Page
by Alan Cassels - Political Science - 1996 - 302 pages
With the exception of Zionism (hardly a Third-World
phenomenon), all the ideologies just discussed - pan-Islam, pan-Arabism and
other anti-Western ...stimulated by some degree of racial 'anti-white' sentiment

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