Friday, September 26, 2008


More on Palestinian Animalism, Hamas teaches kids to EAT JEWS

Hamas TV's 'Jew-eating' cuddly bunny |
13 Feb 2008 ... VIDEO: A toy rabbit who vows to 'eat Jews' is being used on TV by Hamas to encourage Palestinian children to take up arms against Israelis.

New Hamas TV show features 'Jew-eating' Bugs Bunny lookalike-News and commentary relating to events in Israel, the occupied territories, and the world, ...

Hamas rabbit. New character: The Bugs Bunny lookalike declares 'I will eat the Jews'... Nahul was hailed by the winsome Saraa as a "martyr" in the style of Hamas suicide bombers who are promised they will marry 72 virgins in paradise.

"Today we say to you Nahul congratulations, we don't see this as your death, we see this as your wedding," Saraa declared.

Now Assud has stepped into the breach, swearing to devour the Jews with his bare rabbit teeth.

The Bomber Bunny was said to have sneaked into Gaza from Egypt when Hamas smashed down then border fence two weeks ago.

They then urged their young audience to liberate Tel Aviv through "resistance".


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