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CAIR's Corey Saylor: Hiding The Bloody Truth

August 06, 2008

CAIR's Corey Saylor: Hiding The Bloody Truth
Of Islamofascism

Another Anti-CAIR

Corey Saylor, national legislative director for the
terrorist front organization, CAIR, recently
an op-ed
in hopes of fooling the
public that an
amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act
offered by Rep. Pete Hoekstra:

"may unintentionally legitimize Al
and other anti-American forces"

Saylor, a key member of
CAIR; an organization founded
members of the
anti-American Islamic terrorist group Hamas, says the
amendment, which passed by a 249-180 vote, needs to be reconsidered.


Saylor believes that terms like, 'jihadist,' 'jihad,' 'Islamofascism,'
'caliphate,' 'Islamist,' or 'Islamic terrorist' should instead be replaced
by language that describes Islamic terrorists as 'thugs" and

Could it be that
Saylor’s leash-holders in Hamas
find the terms used
in the amendment just a bit too close to describing the
Islamist ideology?

Or is it more
likely that CAIR members and officers have been
known to share the
and goals of the “Islamofascists” of Hamas…and since the imposition
of an Islamic
is odious to North Americans…Saylor wants to obscure this from
the public?

However, Saylor is
obviously not conversant with his own organizations history.


founder Omar Ahmad, appearing at the Islamic Association of Palestine’s third
annual convention in Chicago, praised
suicide bombers

"Fighting for freedom, fighting
for Islam -- that is not suicide.
They kill themselves for

Saylor repudiating the actions of those “fighting for freedom…(those who) kill
themselves for Islam”? And what would Ahmad have to say about Saylor
implying that these so-called “freedom fighters” are “thugs” and

Did not Ahmad praise Saylor’s
“thugs” and “criminals” as “heroes”?

Who is

Saylor describing those who
terror-murder in the name of Islam as “thugs” and “criminals” is insulting to
all self-respecting thugs and criminals who don’t use religion to justify their

Pete Hoekstra's
amendement preserves the terms that perfectly describe the religious ideology of
Hamas terrorists.

Corey Saylor -
terrorist sympathizer
- can't
handle this truth.

But then again, when could any CAIR lap dog ever handle
the truth ...?


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