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Prosecutor cites Koran in trial of (terrorist) Muslim cleric

Prosecutor cites Koran in trial of (terrorist) Muslim cleric
njjn ^ | May, 2008

Qatanani, the imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson, spent three days in a courtroom in the Peter Rodino Federal Building before Immigration Judge Alberto Riefkohl. Riefkohl is to decide whether the 44-year-old Palestinian-born spiritual leader should be expelled from the United States to Jordan for having failed to mention in his application for permanent residency here that he was arrested and held by the Israeli military for three months in 1993. …

The lead government attorney, Alan Wolf, read a passage from the Koran asserting that God will cause unbelievers and hypocrites to “increase in illness and…be swiftly punished on the Day of Judgment.” Gesturing toward Qatanani, Wolf asked Senter, whose testimony emphasized Qatanani’s commitment to interfaith outreach, whether a person who believed in such language could really be the moderate figure Senter believed him to be.

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