Sunday, November 18, 2007


Biased CNN's Angry bitter-lemon Muslim face of the 'YouTube - Republican debate'.

Biased CNN's Angry bitter-lemon Muslim face of the 'YouTube - Republican debate'.

If you thought that the 'Christianne Amanpour' trend of belittling radical Islam menace on the entire world via some cheap 'journalism' of 100% inaccuracy in her infamous refuted "God's warriors', where she distorts and lies on other faiths, in order to equalize others to the only real danger the globe faces today, which is of course, not Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Shinto, but [extreme] Islam.

At CNN's advertisement ahead of the Republican debates it CHOOSE by no accident an Arab Muslim young woman covered with a Muslim scarf asking: "If you were president, What would you do to repair the image of America"?

Coming from a person of a culture that hates the west especially the powerful in the west and the bastion of freedom such as US, UK, Australia, etc. it was very odd to see the "most trusted name in news" to pick up such an un-average American "point of view", worse there is no secret behind such a line, a Muslim typical propaganda as if "being liked by the Muslim world is in US hands"....

Unless you see CNN for what it is, a worsening media as nothing but on the Arabist side. Do not overlook the Arab money grip control, like the Dubai "sponsorship" of CNN.

If I were to answer to that propaganda piece by that Muslim woman, even with an effort of the best PC I'd still answer:

Let's see, for years, you, the Arab Muslim world have been trying to sell to is that your grievances are mainly because of the "palestinian" -Israel issue, hmm, President George W. Bush is the most pro "Palestinian" president ever, the one that has pushed for an independent state, practically an unprecedented historic gift, for this group of grandchildren of mostly Arab immigrants into the historic land of the Jews.

So where do the Arab "Palestinians" or the Arab world as a whole stand in its "likeness" of the US?

Did the Arab Muslim world like us better when we the US have interfered to save Kuwaiti Arabs ass, or Bosnian Muslims ass?

Well, maybe the ball is exclusively in your hands, in your hate education, in your Mosques, in your mainstream media?

Maybe this "why do we hate you" is a convenient card to take as much as you can from the US, and still demand more without every reducing their hatred for the powerful infidel?

Well, I for one just replace the word "maybe", for SURE.

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