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Pali Dictionary (2007)

Pali Dictionary

The guide to the Arab Muslim
'Palestinian' propagandist



A security 'check point' (the one you have
in the airports that effects all Israelis too) =


Arrests of terrorists =


Equal rights, equal treatment, freedom for
all & democracy = "apartheid".


Terror camps = "refugee


Terror attacks aiming at the unarmed
innocent civilians = "freedom fighting".


Cowards hiding among civilians =


Reluctance to shoot at terrorists
surrounded by civilians = "weak Zionists".


Use of human shields =


Unintended deaths of human shields =
"victims of the occupation".


Call, attempt for genocide =


Mass murder =


Annihilation =


Investing in self destruction Jihad
instead of economy = "plight".


['Palestinian fake & edited images -]
Pallywood = "documentary".


"(Idbachu) Itbach al Yahud" ["kill the
J-s."] = "liberation".


Oppression & totalitarianism (by
bad-Fatah or worse-Hamas) = "freedom".


Caliphate, radical Islamic repressive
empire = "equality".


Islamic Apartheid [including on women
& on non Muslims] = "Palestinian culture'".


Oppressing Christians = "Muslims'


Forcing Christians to convert to Islam =
"practicing their faith".


The anti - Israel bigotry composed of 1)
'Arab racism' against non Arabs by Arab supremacy (the same active in Africa
like genocide in Sudan, Chad, etc. or in all of the Arab world on all non Arab
minorities), 2) 'Islamic Jihad' against any non Muslims (the one active in the
entire world) = "anti Zionism".


Israelis' natural human fear of massacres,
attacks by Arab racism & Islamofascism = "anti Arab


IDF sincere factual humanitarian programs
worldwide = "propaganda".


Terror masters gathering = "freedom of


Terrorists using ambulances =
"carrying the sick"...


Oppressing women =


Fascism aka not even giving "right to
exist" = "Palestinian rights".


Preferential treatment to Arabs over Jews,
including in cities like Hebron = "apartheid state".


Israel's extraordinary humane help for
'Palestinians' (including free hospital care to their children injured though of
Arab initiated attacks, medical advancement for ordinary Arabs & more, etc.) = "not an issue".


The historic Arab attacks, massacres
& ethnic cleansing on Jews in the holy-land prior to the date of so called
'occupation' = "not the issue".


Seeing the US as the big Satan &
Israel as the little one = "land issues".


Defending against attacks =


Preventing 'Palestinians' from killing =
"crimes against humanity".


Revealing the truth about 'Palestinians' =


A terrorist =


Demonization of Israel via lies = "all
for the cause


Calling to 'wipe of Israel off map' =
"free Palestine campaign".


Telling it's children invented horror
fantasy 'stories' about the Zionists = "pride".


Spreading around graphic photos of dead
kids who died as tools by Arab adult terrorists = "evil


Dehumanization of innocent Israeli men
women & children as "tanks" = "against the


Publicizing Hitler's 'MeinKampf' in Arabic
and having it as a 'best seller' in Gaza = "defying the


The vast anti Israel bias, the global
Arabism & Arabists control in the mainstream media = "Zionists


The most powerful lobby in Washington -
the Saudi Arab Muslim lobby = "Jewish lobby".


Militant Hamas' front group in Islamic
lobby CAIR = "real 'Americans'".


[Not dual loyalty but one loyalty] Arab
"americans" acting on behalf of 'Palestinian' terrorists against US = "loyal


Treacherous American Muslims raising funds
in US for 'Palestinian' terror Jihadi organizations =


Dancing masses in public square towards
the blood of 3,000 innocent victims of the Islamic attack on 911 or
of major Islamic terror attacks on innocent Israelis =
"folklore, national holiday".


Arab lobby's two anti-Israel Arabist books, Carter & Mearsheimer =
"balanced view".


The one way street, like actvists on the Israel side to act on behalf of 'Palestinians' =
"balanced view".


Having only the 'Palestinian' view at any forum =
"even handed".


Islamic Republic of Iran's Hitler 'Mahmoud Eichmanjihad' [the 'mehdi' 'Islamic Messiah' with nukes, the one giving the ultimatum to the west to convert to Islam or else, that declares 'Death to US, UK', threatening Israel despite having absolutely no land or any other disputes with, stretching all over his global network of violence, having troops creating bloodshed & mayhem in, Lebanon, 'Palestine', Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.] =
"Palestine's poster boy".


Cheering to the party that seeks an all out Shiite oppressive theocracy in the region, Iran's Hezbullah (2006) invasion & attack of Israeli civilians when half of the victims were Arabs in Israel & using civilians in Lebanon, causing deaths & destruction there =
"good job, we want more".


'Palestinian' war on Lebanon, siding with militant Islamists Al Qaeda, in terror "refugee" camps =
"Lebanese occupation & racism".


Mourning the deaths of the butchers of our
time: Saddam & Zarqawi = "national pride, mutual understanding".


Global Arab Palestinian led anti Israel hate lobby = "International Solidarity Movement".


Blaming the Zionists for all Arabs,
Muslims crimes against humanity all over the planet, with or without "theories"
= "FYI".


"Death to Israel!" = "peaceful


Pro terror march = "anti-war


Abu Mazen, Fatah's terror arm 'Al Aqsa
Martyrs Brigade' = "moderates".


Racist vicious boycotts =


Powerful hijacking the UN, EU & most
world bodies via the international Arab Muslim oil lobby Goliath = "David vs


Bashing little Israel -- fighting to
survive -- at the UN & in international media all the time = "olive


Jihad, Shahid & hatred camps for kids
= "education".


Teaching little Muhammad about 'apes &
pigs' = "Biology"


Strapping death belt to it's kids =


Being paid for [selling to the devil]
sending own kid to die via massacring others =


Lost battle =


Muslim clerics': 'kill all infidels' =


'Palestinian' TV industry of lies =


Honor killing =


Oppressing any opposition = "inner
'Palestinian' matter


Uncivil war, fighting between 'mainstream'
radical Arab - Muslims & more extreme Arab - Muslims =
"western conspiracy".


'Conspiracy theories' = "the


Careful planning of terror attacks,
genocide bombings = "desperation".


Anti terrorism fence, shield =


Muhammad's dreaming about a Jewish
city = "Muslim site".


Arab immigrants prior to 1948 =
"indigenous, natives".


Smuggling weapons = "humanitarian


Terror tunnels = "family


Mass kidnapping cult =


Shooting into residential homes or
Infiltrating into cities invading homes in the middle of the night, murdering
kids in their beds = "liberating the land".


Corruption & stealing from it's
population = "Zionists' fault".


Shooting missiles on schoolchildren =


Ethnic cleansing, Judenrein 'Palestine'
[aka no Jew in 'Palestinian' controlled area] = "right to self


Stoning ANY Israelis passers-by =
"David vs goliath".


Lynching [by the masses of "moderate"
mainstream 'Palestinians', or attempting to] any Jew who dared lost it's way
into their "territory" = "human rights".


Lynching own brothers =
"Palestinian legal system".


IDF's rubber bullets to disperse violent
'Palestinian' crowds = "Israeli bombs".


Israeli security's use of tear gas to
disperse 'Palestinians' on rampage = "attacking


Arab terrorists firing among civilians =
"Israeli massacre".


IDF's humane advanced notice, warning to
evacuate certain areas before conducting anti terror operations (on the
expense of terrorists escaping) = "Zionist scare tactics".


IDF's high risk investment & use of
specially low impact, maximum precision, small missiles, desinged to hit only a
dangerous terror target & minimize by-standers casualities = "F-16 on
poor Palestinians


Killing it's own kids [like Muhammad Al-Dura, Gaza beach family, etc.] & creating of them icons each time, carrying the 'torch' on = "voice of Palestine".


Self inflicting suffering [ever since 1948, still today, rejecting any settlement, rejecting Israel's help, choosing terrorism over calm, war over peace, exterminating Jews over partition of two states] = "the victims".


Always initiating the attacks =
"innocent victims".


[Arab] Targeting civilians in shopping
malls, bus stops, wedding halls, restaurants, etc. = "legitimate


Massive support for fascist terror
organization Hamas bend on annihilating all of Israel & urges it's will of
"drinking the blood of the Jews" = "innocent


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