Saturday, June 30, 2007


"Innocent victims" Muslims fight for "freedom" or protest "occpation" or against "aparthied" or something

"Innocent victims" Muslims, fight for "freedom" or protest "occupation" or against "aparthied" or something in... Scotland

UK terrorism risk "critical" after Glasgow attack
Reuters Canada By Alistair Bell GLASGOW (Reuters) - Britain is at "critical" risk of a terrorist attack, the government says, after a petrol-filled car was rammed into the terminal at Glasgow airport the day after failed car bombings in London.

‘Firebomb’ car rams terminal at 30mph Times Online (Airport staff described the men as screaming “Allah” as the driver doused the burning vehicle with more fuel soaking himself in the process. His passenger began to smash bottles of petrol and his own clothes now ablaze the driver fell to the floor as police, passengers and airport staff reacted. )

Fiery crash at Glasgow airport linked to London car bombings AXcess News

Flaming vehicle smashes into busy Scottish airport

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