Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Enter "Absurd-Jihad", Racist Arabs, Islamofascists call sarkozy: "fascist"

Enter "Absurd-Jihad", Racist Arabs, Islamofascists call sarkozy: "fascist"

Imgine if a pro Hitler would go on the streets and shout "Nazis", "fascists", you would either laugh or look with pity on this low creature, I would expect the same from any reporter on the demonstrations or rather on the violence rampage by Arabs, Muslims "youth".

What happens when Arab racists & Islamofascists, the champions of ALL bigotry today, call someone that has dared to stand up against terrorism, Arab racism, Jihadi fascism? You guessed it right, they call the hero a "fascist".

The ONLY man in the French government that showed he has mercy on the weak victims of terrorism & antisemitism. The Masses of French victims by the Arab Muslim invaders' violence incited by Imams of the 'religion of peace'.

And it's under this theme they attack non Arab, non Muslim passers bye, Jewish ones mostly (but not exclusively), the favorite victim by the REAL fascists. The only question is who do these lowlifes think their "name calling" appeals to? These cruelest of mankind, the ones that organized attacking innocent Europeans for some Danish drawing, support any massacres on civilians as long as the civilians are not Muslim or 'not Muslim enough' in their eyes.

Absurd! The only dreadful picture of racist Arabs at Durban (2000) comes to mind!

Sarkozy warns of terrorist threat to election International News ...Critics said it would allow security forces currently led by Mr Sarkozy to "turn the screw" in their repression of Muslims. Entitled "The Terrorist Menace ... Sarkozy jumps into row over Muslim airport staff, French News ..."In the fight against terrorism, Mr. Sarkozy's cause is just, ... Like Seddiki, another Muslim worker also lost his badge earlier this month, ... - Terror Plot Suspects Planned 'Dry-Run' of Attacks in ...French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said the suspects in an alleged plot to ... of the continued threat to the United States from extremist Muslims. ...,2933,207682,00.html Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles Die Jüdische, Austria -President Sarkozy had keynoted the 2003 international conference in Paris on "Educating for Tolerance: The Case of Resurgent Antisemitism" Jewish Woman Brutalized Israel Hasbara Committee (subscription), NY - May 9, 2007 ... an antisemitic act, since it could sway the voters in favor of Nicolas Sarkozy. His platform deals with the violence and antisemitism of French Arabs. ...

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I was hoping that Sarkozy would win. Not that I think a lot of the French, because I don't, but at least he is an obstacle to the muslim advance in Europe instead of an aid to it.

Apologies for this being out of context...

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