Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A new trailer for the film on 'Suicide bombers'

A new trailer for the film has been posted on YouTube here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMY58O6nG7Y Trailer (NEW) The DVD of the film comes out on 5/1 .

Movie Poster, stills etc - http://www.specialopsmedia.com/assets/SKassets.zip
Website: http://www.suicidekillers.com/
Out on DVD 5/1/07

Directed by Pierre Rehov

With 9/11 marking the destruction of the World Trade Center, a new form of warfare was launched: fanatical human beings as tactical weapons. The phenomenon of “Islamic kamikazes” has spread throughout the world, with near-daily occurrences of this terrifying and deranged phenomenon – most notably in Israel.

Suicide Killers seeks to answer crucial questions: How can this phenomenon be explained? How can one after another human being strap an explosive belt around his or her body, walk into a square, market, café or store full of civilians and, in cold blood, detonate the bomb he’s carrying? In-depth inquiries are made via interviews with bombing survivors, would-be bombers held in Israeli prisons, and jailed terrorists who train others for and facilitate suicide bombings. Prominent experts in sociology, psychology, religion, the law and sexuality weigh in with their views on this distinctly modern-day phenomenon, on this gripping documentary.
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See:Interview with Pierre Rehov, documentary filmmaker, on psychology behind suicide bombings By Andrew Cochran Psychology of the Suicide Bomber http://counterterrorismblog.org/2005/07/interview_with_pierre_rehov_do.php

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