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Liberals dumb to Islamic domination

Letter: Liberals dumb to Islamic domination§ion=Opinion&forumcomm_check_return&freebie_check&CFID=19883369&CFTOKEN=33102394&jsessionid=8830f4ecf1e550302327

Letter: Liberals dumb to Islamic domination

B. Ziller, River Falls Journal

Published Friday, February 09, 2007

More letters by liberals are pouring out of River Falls who have no understanding of the war in the Middle East. They forget that the war started on Sept. 11, 2001, not by a country, but by “Islamofascists” who want to kill us.

Their idea of government is tied to the Koran, which places women as second-class citizens, requires rape victims to have two witnesses, does not allow women to drive cars, or have direct supervision over Muslim men and, oh yes, and to wear a burka, a tent-like dress.

You have to admit it does cut down on the clothing budget. And don’t forget, no music or dancing.

Who’s in the way of this world Islamic government the terrorists want? Why the United States of course, and that’s why these terrorists want to kill us.

And one other principle of Islam: If a Muslim leaves the religion or even questions the interpretation of the Koran, it is incumbent on another Muslim (usually a family member or a relative) to kill the person. It’s no wonder moderate Muslims keep their mouths shut.

The war in the Middle East is bigger than Iraq and President Bush knows it.

The trouble with the U. S. right now is that there are 545 members of Congress who think they are commanders-in-chief and 300 million Americans who think they are four-star generals.

When you liberals come up with a laundry list of what Bush is doing wrong, please come up with your solution. When that solution is just pulling out of Iraq please explain the resultant aftermath. Remember the killing fields in Cambodia.

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