Sunday, February 11, 2007


Islamic poster (Al Haidar) is asking me why I don't talk about "Why Islamists commit the crimes"

Well, it's exactly THIS additude that pushes the Islamists to continue or to begin the campaign against the world, in the fist place.

What they want? Islamists boast publicilly about their plan for a Caliphate for an all out total Islamization by FORCE on the entire globe.

As long as there will be MAINSTREAM Muslims that will keep on converting the monsters into "victims", from bloodthirsty Islamofascists that hate all Non Muslims especially those that LOOK powerful, disguised under "resistance", converting them into "people with issues',the crimes will go on.

In other words, all those Muslims that try to "explain" the Islamists to us are no better than those that hold the knife on the throat of the "apes & pigs" - infidels.


'Foreign policy is never an excuse for terrorism'

Muslim 'Moderates' And Terrorism, What you learn about terrorism from the poor of Sharm, if you still didn't know it, is that its cruelty has no limits, no excuses, and no historical explanation, but only a cold ideological background. The terrorists know that the men they kill, wound, and destroy economically have nothing to do with imperialism, occupation, Palestine, Iraq, colonialism, and all the other explanations that the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, finds to explain their crimes. They know who the hundreds they are going to kill are: people who sleep 10 (exactly!) to a room, with no bathroom, one toilet, and one little kitchen; people who define themselves as "good Muslims," go the mosques once a week, pray three times a day, and when they forget, says Khaled, it is because they work too much or it is too hot; people who after the terrorist attack tremble because they will have no work anymore, now that the tourist season is destroyed and this will make them lose their $100 a month wage in the best cases for a family of five, six, 10 children.

Why Ask Why? Terrorist attacks aren't caused by any policy except that of the bombers themselves. Bin Ladenism wants not less of this killing and repression but more. Its demand to re-establish the caliphate is a pro-imperialist demand, not an anti-imperialist one. /

The role of "moderate" Muslims in Islamists' Massacres on the West

News Flash to Bush: Many Moderate Muslims Share al-Qaeda's Goal of a Caliphate

The myth of moderate Islam

What Do the Terrorists Want? [A Caliphate]

On 'Moderate Muslims'
A "moderate" may renounce violence but not jihad, which is similar to but... and oppose any attempt to excuse the barbaric acts of these [terrorist] ...

Counterterrorism Blog: Levitt in WSJ Europe: No Excuse for Terror Steven Emerson: "Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the US" ... a global Caliphate or to "resist occupation" in the West Bank or Iraq,

... establishment of Islamic rule, and restoration of the Islamic caliphate." ...

Knowing the enemy
Jihadist ideology can be reduced to unusual definitions of four Islamic words (tawhid, jihad, caliphate, and da’wa) and a few simple concepts. ...

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