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Islam: Religion of Pieces

Islam: Religion of Pieces
February 11, 2007 01:36 PM EST

One piece was the old man’s severed head. His head actually was never found, but the rest of him was. Further, "police said they found severe cuts on his fingers, hands and shoulder at his village mill in Thailand’s Pattani province."
Why the bloody mess?

Per PostNews of, "Thai Muslim extremists in the South have beheaded a 72-year-old Buddhist rice miller in at least the 24th such atrocity since they escalated their insurgency just over three years ago.

"Police said the victim apparently was killed in retaliation for a bomb attack on a village tea shop owned by Muslims.

"’This is revenge for what happened last night in Nakohn Nua,’ a message left at the mill said in reference to the village where a bomb exploded that injured no one."

Civility is a hard come-upon in some parts of the Muslim world.

Now to what really smatters against Christians?

Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi, Al-Qaeda appointed as "head of the Islamic State of Iraq," provides the following recording dated February 2, 2007. It is titled, "Victory from Allah, Victory is Near."

Note that he finds ". . .no blood sweeter than that of the Christians. . ."

"’Oh Muslim youths, remember the cut up bodies of the children, the voices of their bereaved [parents] and the anguished cries of the elderly. Let the volcano of your wrath burst forth. Burn the ground beneath the feet of the Jews and their helpers, eradicate their army, destroy their equipment, down their planes, ambush them in their homes, in the wadis and on the roads.

"Hide in the darkness of night and turn their morning into hell... We are not afraid of your coalitions...We have drunk blood [in the past], and we find no [blood] sweeter than that of the Christians... Roast their flesh with car bombs, cut off their supply lines with [explosive] charges and tear out their hearts with sniper fire. Know that offense is the best [form of] defense, and be careful not to lay down your weapons before the war is over... We are not fighting out of nationalism, but with the aim of making Allah's word supreme.’"

Consider that the most Iraqis slain have been slain by extremist Iraqis, though Al-Baghdadi incites his own to slaughter non-Muslims for causing Iraq’s carnage.

Look at the facts: The real 2006 'Iraq Body Count' of Iraqi civilians killed last year by Islamic extremist terrorists numbers 16,791.

Iraqi civilians killed collaterally in incidents involving Americans (and Islamic Terrorists) equals 225.

Iraqis aren't dying from war. They are being murdered by extremist Islamic terrorists. Source: (includes civilians caught in crossfire who may have been killed by the terrorists, and terrorists who may have been counted as civilians). This detail is provided on at
Move on to Pakistan where Christians are severely beaten by extremist Muslims? "Voice Of the Martyrs Australia (VOMA) said its workers were attacked in Pakpattan, a district of Punjab province.

"’Three members of the four-member team were roughed up by radical Muslims, then taken to the police station where they were detained and questioned before being released,’ VOMA told BosNewsLife in a statement.

"’The fourth evangelist, the leader of the team, was badly beaten by a mob of more than 100 angry Muslims, who then dragged him through the crowd before taking him to the police station.’ He was allegedly ‘severely beaten’ and VOMA contacts took him to ‘a hospital for medical care.’"

Now to Quebec. There a village is taking no chances. There are no Muslims living there but they have already unanimously voted certain civil laws on the books just in case extremist Muslim barbarism wants to move in. They are determined that decorum shall reign; in other words, their values will remain the same no matter the immigrants moving across their nation.

"What grabbed the most attention is that the list includes a specific prohibition against stoning women in public and burning them alive and an interdiction against face covering, except at Halloween - measures clearly aimed at Muslims, even though the town is almost entirely old-stock Quebec francophone and there isn't a single Muslim resident."

According to Hubert Bauch of The Gazette, "Andre Drouin, the town councilor, said that ‘It's what the people want. There are 95 per cent of people in Quebec who want this.’"

"Drouin said he has received hundreds of supportive phone calls from residents and more than 5,000 emails from all over. He insisted his village, Herouxville, is not an isolated case.

"’It's a world problem. What we did seems to have pulverized the planet. We took a decision and the planet is surprised. All we're doing is standing up and saying this is who we are.’"

"The Muslim Council of Canada and the Muslim Forum of Canada have threatened to lodge a formal complaint with the provincial human rights commission that the Herouxville measures are in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights.

"But the happy hour crowd at Pub 842 is enthusiastically in favor of the initiative, and reveling in the town's newfound notoriety. The bar was buzzing yesterday with talk about the publicity it has generated and about who was on what TV network.

"Yves Trudel, who runs a bed and breakfast in the town, says the rules laid down by the council are a preventive measure that others, notably Montreal, should consider.

"’For them, it's probably too late to adopt a code of behavior because things have gone too far. Here, we're saying this is the way it is and you respect it. This is our home, we're at home here and this is the way we do things here.

"’Some people are calling us Heroville,’ he added, confiding he had an appointment later with a correspondent from the French newspaper Le Figaro.

"Steve Lafontaine, a local electrician, said if others aren't following suit, it is because they are afraid to speak up and stand up for the Quebecois way of life.

"’Some others aren't going along because they get subsidies from the government that they don't want to get cut off. All the big cities are the same.’"

"’I have nothing against immigrants, I know a lot of immigrants. But at one point there has to be a limit to accommodating them. If they came here, it must be because they like the way we live,’ another said.

"’We took our religion out of everything, the schools, the government. Why should they try to bring in theirs?"

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