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[BROWN non "white" MUSLIM NAZI calls:] "Kill All Kikes"

[BROWN non "white" MUSLIM NAZI calls:] "Kill All Kikes"

From: (Janurary 2007 issue)

[BROWN non "white" MUSLIM NAZI calls:] "Kill All Kikes"

This comes from Debbie Schlussel's website
( ).

[...] death threats from four diverse members of the "Religion of Peace," threatening to murder me and my family members, after raping and torturing me. And I take them very seriously.
Last week, one of them--Robert Mustaq John--pled guilty in the U.S. District for the Eastern District of New York, and the previous week, another--Wasil Burki--was indicted in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. I've posted the court documents associated with both, herein, as well as a reposting of their death threats.

It's important to note that justice for me did not come nearly as easily as it comes for American Muslims who get action from the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, upon the whine about a hangnail. Mr. John sent his death threat to me almost 3.5 years ago. And I am only now finally getting justice, after going through a lot of baloney. I also believe that were it not for my having a loud and influential voice on this site and elsewhere in the media, nothing would have happened at all.

I compare this to the lightning speed that FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers moved in indicting and convicting two New York men who sent largely benign, anti-Muslim e-mails to extremist, hate-mongering Imam Hassan Qazwini, on the weekend of Nicholas Berg's televised beheading. Within a month of their e-mails, FBI agents raided both men's homes, and they were indicted shortly thereafter. Unlike my cases, they were not given plea deals. One of the men, Michael Bratisax, is a quadriplegic veteran in a wheelchair. (As I've written, the USDOJ has a special affirmative action prosecution program for Muslim "victims"--you and I aren't equal to them in "Justice"'s eyes.)

The case should have been assigned to the FBI's civil rights agents in Detroit. It was, instead, sent to Ouellet, a lackluster agent in a satellite office.

Agent Ouellet told me that I remind him of his daughter who was in a University of Michigan sorority and who hated the Jewish sororities (for the record, I've never been in one). He elaborated on "the Jews" at Michigan. If I were Muslim, that conversation never would have taken place. Agent Ouellet went on to do nothing. After 6 months of him not investigating the case, he informed me that he gets death threats every day and I should just deal with it, hanging up on me. I guess he was just too busy writing his book about "right-wing" Michigan militias to actually investigate this death threat I took very seriously.

I complained to Agent Ouellet's supervisor, Bill Edwards. Agent Edwards was not much more help. He first told me that the e-mailer was a woman, that FBI agents in Brooklyn had "her" driver's license and located her. Eventually, "she" was a he, and in fact agents really hadn't seen the driver's license or done any work on the case until that point. Then, Agent Edwards called and told me that Robert Mustaq John "didn't really mean it," promised not to harm me, and could I just drop this and move on.

Agent Edwards also told me the case was being overseen by Assistant U.S. Attorney Sheldon Light. To date, I've never spoken with Light because he never returned a single phone call (he was too busy prosecuting the men who e-mailed Imam Qazwini). He transferred the case to Brooklyn, where it would languish for over three years, and that was the point.

I since learned that U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a "Abu Porno" personally opposed prosecuting any death threats involving me and recused himself and his entire office from the cases for two reasons: 1) He didn't like what I wrote about him and his strange "liaisons" with the most extremist members of Detroit's Islamic community, including a "former" terrorist; and 2) it would get in the way of his office's relations with Muslims to actually prosecute them for hate crimes. He didn't want to relinquish his role as the Fed's chief Pander Bear to Islamists in town. Incredible.

Justice for Debbie's would be murderers? Good. But and there is a huge but. This is a particularly disturbing story not merely because of the disgusting, vile death threats. We have come to expect that from the savages of religion of peace. No, what is frightening, truly, is the reluctance and downright hostility the FBI exhibited in not pursuing these crimes by Islamists.

Useful idiots over at the FBI

Go over to Debbie Schlussel's blog at
( ) and check out the new antisemitism and just how far Islam has infiltrated the FBI and the criminal justice system.


Now, How interesting it is, this is the BLOND WHITE JEWESS that the ignorant BROWN NAZI MUSLIM has threatened... using that slur.

Debbie Schlussel's photo:


Schlussel has also reported
and posted threatening emails
from (Arab Muslim) Lola Elzein,
an officer of the "Arab American
Political Action Committee", who
threatened to rape and murder
members of Schlussel's family.

Here's more about the ARAB "activist" that threatened Debbie:

lolaelzein.jpg[Image - Lola Elzein: Muslim Arab American PAC Official who threatened Debbie Schlussel's life (what she said will astound you)}

Debbie Schlussel has a suggestion for those who believe that all or even most Muslim Arabs in America are peaceful, and says that we must ask ourselves why they elect leaders who not only support terrorism, but, themselves, make violent threats against other Americans.

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