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Some might be 'anti-Israel' but no one is 'pro-Arab-Palestinian'

Some might be 'anti-Israel' but no one is 'pro-Arab-Palestinian'

Often one might be asked to be put in a decisive vote, if he or she is 'pro Israel' or pro-"Palestinian".

Well, here is a sketch of structure of today's international politics:
It is no secret, many Europeans in their political & even power competition with the US play with the middle east as a battle field, not only did it play a role in objecting the operation in Iraq, (which ultimately had an effect on world opinion in general against the war & partly in it's failure), but even in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the trend to hasty blindly "condemn" Israel is "in style", no matter what the fats are on the ground - of course.
The UN is the biggest open "secret" of a body occupied almost entirely by Arab nations & ot's oil power.
Then you have the Arab nations themselves.
All of the above you would expect to be automatically 'pro-Palestinian-Arabs', but no, not really, the same as 'anti-Israel' is not necessarily 'pro-Palestinian'.
Not one nation has ever really helped the 'Arab -Palestinians, let alone non Arab nations, but even the Arab "brothers" themselves actually have a double interest in NOT changing the 'Palestinian' condition/situation:
A) It serves them as a great diversion from it's own dictatorial problems & friction, aggrevation from it's own population.
B) A wonderful excuse in a weapon against the west with a story of "grievances with the west".
Let's put it this way if even one Arab nation had ANY interest in helping their Arab-Palestinian brothers (not just political aid for terrorists & any other self inflicting phenomenon in their cult(ure) or a few symbolic pennies here & there for their economy), they would have had much a long, long time ago, not only a state.
Because 'anti-Israel' has a lot of resources and motivations, but there just ISN'T any pro-"Palestinian"'.


1 – In 2001, he didn’t attack Islamism as the real enemy in 11 of September. Nothing did for stop the islamfascists of ACLU and CAIR destroy christianism and force the students to swallow the Islamic shit in the classrooms. And still permits islamonazists publications which prepare the war against the population disseminated by the Saudi Arabia in libraries of mosques, streets and bookstores for American muslims, preaching the destruction of America with anti-American antichristian, anti-Jewish, misogynistic, jihadist and supremacist ideology. Obvious: Bush family has oil business with the Saudi real family. Can we trust in a leader sharing interests with the enemy?

2 – In 2002, he didn’t denounce the responsibility of the government Clinton for CIA errors that enabled the 11 of September. The investigator of the Department of Defense that was following a trail that would have avoided the attack, the lieutenant-colonel Tony Shaffer, simply was prevented from pass the information to the FBI, that like this could not dismantle the Al-Qaeda cell. It stopped why? Because former president Clinton centralized the straight control of all the organs of security and blocked deliberately the communications among them. CIA, FBI and other agencies then were driving parallel inquiries about the illegal funds of given campaign to the candidate Clinton by the Chinese army one and the subsequent favors that the very grateful president lent to the service of Chinese espionage. Without exchange of information, the investigators did not be able to join the threads of the story line.

3 – In 2003, he did not announce that the weapons of destruction in batter of Saddam Hussein were found. They are more of 500 – enough for kill for poisoning the inhabitants of some twenty American cities. Republican senator Rick Santorum, using of the privileges of the Freedom of Information Act, obtained from the military secret service the complete relation. Reporter Richard Miniter already to have revealed the existence of those weapons, in its book "Disinformation: 22 Average Myths that Undermine the War on Terror". The strange point in the episode is that senator Santorum has had of pull out by force an information that Bush government should be screaming in all the media.

4 – In 2004, he did not condemn UNO by the scandal of corruption in the Oil by Food Program, involving Saddam Hussein and Koffi Annan and his son Kojo, and the governments of countries as France, Russia, Germany, China... Beyond others crimes of the UNO, that became the worst enemy of the U.S.A. by the simple fact that it shelters or protects all the anti-American and terrorist dictatorships in her Commissions.

5 – In 2005, he did not defend himself neither attacked the Democrats responsible by the calamity of the hurricane Katrina: the governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, and the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin.

6 – AND in 2006, was discovered that he, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) signed an agreement for dissolve the borders between the U.S.A., Canada and the Mexico, practically eliminating the American nation as an independent political unit. The idea already was old, but then a citizen appealed to the Freedom of Information Act, obliging the government it divulge the documents about the matter. Then already there was conservatives calling Bush openly of "treacherous". The report can be read in the site
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