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The one way street of the west appeasing Islam

The one way street of the west appeasing Islam

What does the Israeli enormous gesture in risking own security by giving the Gaza strip (August 2005) to the misbehaving "Palestinians", the pope's visit to a mosque in Turkey (November, 2006), England's queen including an image of Muslims praying in her Christmas message (December, 2006), all have in common?

It's all a one way street the west goes the extra mile towards Muslims, but nothing of a peaceful step ever comes from the 'religion of peace".

Yes, I know it's too much of a stretch to ask from the cult of hate, to expect from mainstream Islamic leaders to declare that Zionism is not only not an enemy of any Muslim, but it's a basic human yearn for a nation coming back to where they came from, but where's any beginning of any peace response? Where are the (majority) "Palestinians" Muslims doing the minimum of recognizing Israel, ceasing the evil teaching of "OK to kill innocent Jews"? instead, the Arabs' response has been nothing but more violence to any gesture by the Zionists.
Could you name even more "moderate" Muslim country around the world that has recognized Israel since Israel's huge step?

When have we heard the Islamic mullahs telling their audiences that the Christian today are not all 'evil crusaders' to influence Muslim world? That the US & UK are not a great Satan?

Has the world seen any demonstration by masses of Muslims against terrorists comitting their crimes against humanity in the name of Islam? Or are we to see only masses of Muslims threatening Europe, murdering Christians over some cartoons or over the pope's remark?

Where're Islamic scholars going out into Jewish and Christian iconic places to show any will for harmony among the faiths?

Maybe more importantly, Where's any major Islamic cleric telling the Muslim street, that it is time to leave for good that cult of self proclaimed "victim-hood" of using politics as excuses for terrorism?

On the most practical point, since the Muslim world listens to Islamic media not to 'what we say', Why is it that so many in the west are so careful 'not to enrage the Muslim street' but there is absolutely no change in Muslim media in demonizing the west?

Some even buy into Islamic organizations (like CAIR) lobbying us to be even more appeasers, since "it will help to bring Muslims more towards moderation", What a bogus propaganda, Since when are they influenced by westerners?

I have a proposition to Islamic spokespersons, switch the tables around, tell us what you tell your public and tell your public what you tell us!!!

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