Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Netanayhu: Beware the Developing ‘Islamic Reich’

Netanayhu: Beware the Developing ‘Islamic Reich’


17:17 Dec 19, '06 / 28 Kislev 5767

by Hana Levi Julian

Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu warned foreign ambassadors in Tel Aviv that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is working to create a 1,000-year Islamic Reich.

The former prime minister told a gathering of some 60 diplomats on Tuesday that Ahmadinejad is planning to carry out his genocide program using the nuclear weapon it is believed Iranian scientists are now building.

Netanyahu said as well that the program could be stopped in 1,000 days – approximately the same amount of time that the Mossad spymaster, Meir Dagan has said it will take for Iran to complete its work on a nuclear weapon.

Dagan told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday that Iran will succeed in developing an atomic bomb by 2009 or 2010 at the latest.

Ahmadinejad announced 10 days ago that Iran has expanded production in its national uranium enrichment program by adding 3,000 centrifuges at a facility in the center of the country.

The process has been banned by the United Nations Security Council, but its permanent members plus Germany have still not come to an agreement on whether to impose sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Dagan said Iran plans to add another 3,000 centrifuges within the next year.

Netanyahu warned that the world’s governments must take action against Iran before Ahmadinejad succeeds in his mission to become the next Adolph Hitler.

“When a world leader has openly called for genocide,” said Netanyahu, repeating his statement to a Jewish group last month in Los Angeles, “believe him.”

Knesset member Danny Naveh and former Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold are joining Netanyahu in his quest to prosecute Ahmadinejad at The Hague.

I don't think many people doubt Irans intentions. The problem is getting anyone to do something about it pre-emptively.

It's a lot like 1938 all over again.

How soon people forget about what Hitler did to the Jews. Now they stand by and support people who want to annihilate them again.

I hope they make a TRIUMPHAL CHRISTMAS !!!

They're Christians, so...

…they can be heroes…

…as the mithic Ethiopian demigod hero Menmon, who fought in Trojan War.
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