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Islamism & Arabism, pitting the world against the Jew

Islamism & Arabism, pitting the world against the Jew

"Divide & Concquer",Divide the west (Christians & Jews) and conquer???

It was not too long ago since the "blaming game" & scapegoating has resulted in active gas chambers, in plans for erasing an entire creed, origin from the face of the earth.

The new antisemitism has recent years been translated into "anti Zionism", not only in theory but in "action" as well, from plain terrorism on innocent Jews -- even outside Israel -- through Arabs attacking innocent Jews in Paris, and beyond.

True, some of Islamists are more open than others, like Adolf Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "wiping off" plan, or Hezbullah's "happiness" with Jews concentrated in one place so it will be easier for the Islamists to carry out "what they want", or Hamas' declaration "We are a nation that drinks blood, and we know there is no better blood than the blood of the Jews", and others.

Maybe the danger is no less from those that try to hide their agenda under a hypocritical "worry" for "Palestinians plight" mask, not only are the same "preoccupied for Palestinians" singers not helping "Palestinians" but they are the ones, usually, that will put any obstacle so that any improvement in their situation will NOT take place, Why else, do you think has a "solution" to "Palestinians" prolonged that much?

But the cynical weapon against the Jews, the Islamists use is simple: "It's all the Zionists' fault", just solver the Israel/palestine problem, and we will all dance in a picnic.

Amazingly enough, not a mere few gullible liberals are the ones, "buying" that crap.

Yea right, What is Islamists' plan for a world dominated by radical Islam (or Caliphate) connected to that "conflict"?

It is the other way around, it is the Zionists who fight the world's war against radical Islam.

Are the ones "buying" Islamists' propaganda really aware of the danger of this evil "blaming game"? of the fatal consquences of scapegoating? Or has a 'cowardice of facing the harsh truth' virus, blinded, paralyzed any senses in the west vs Jihad?

"Divide & Concquer",Divide the west (Christians & Jews) and conquer???

1) Those that started with the Jews never ended with the Jews, 2) Jihadists, that are after all non Muslims, the test of the reality ceck is: How many will let themselves fooled by Islamists' picking on the Jews = the "convenient" minority, more than others.

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