Friday, November 24, 2006


A Pathetic Arabist-Propagandist face when facing the truth

A Pathetic Arabist-Propagandist face when facing the truth

On Italian TV's Rai station on "Porta a Porta" (Nov, 23, 2006) the discussion went to the question if Italian troops should change their original mission from "peace keeping" to finally disarming the terrorists group Husbullah.

It got some momentum at the background of Syrian - Iranian allies inside Lebanon murdered the Christian leader: P. Gemayel, and fear of civil war.

The higlight was actually further on, You should have seen the response from all in the room to the cheap propaganda that the Communist part leader Mr. Giordani (wha was sitting alongside an Arab journalist) has uttered that: Huzbullah wants to "help the Palestinians".

He was of course immediately crossed by the great response that (I QUOTE) Huzbollah does NOT really want a "palestinian" state (they will even increase their violence once there is a 'Palestinian' state), it really wants to DESTROY Israel, just like Huzbullah's father Iran's Hitler-Ahmadinejad.
Quoting Nassrala's speeches on Huzbullah's Al Manar TV.

You should have seen the communist party leader's face how he changed colours, he looked so pathetic, it only reminded me of Saed Erekat (Palestinian official) that was asked the natural question at the Jenin lie case (2002) on CNN, at the final findings: "How come he said there were 500 dead there, when in fact there were only 50 plus, mostly combatants".

As Saeb Erakat then, so did Mr. Giordani stuttered and tried to change the subject.

Fight them with knowledge!

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