Thursday, November 30, 2006


The "Palestinians" = favorite tool by Islamofascism

The "Palestinians" = favorite tool by Islamofascism

Nov, 2006

How Islamofascists like Ahmadinejad conveniently use the "Palestinians" for it's fascism
As if we didn't have enough from this Hitler about wiping of nations and "death to US, UK, Israel", calls.

So now we see a new cover, masked under "worry for Arab victims", when this propagandist hater never cared/cares about any Arabs, in fact, (Ahwazi) Arabs inside Iran suffer from persecution and oppression, much less about helpìng Palestinians? of course not, arming "Islamic Jihad" to cause more bloodshed and chaos in the middle east and even among Palestinians, there he "helps", just as he arms Al-Sadr for control in Iraq, and causes so much bloodshed among Arab on Arab there.

Adolf Ahmadinejad's motto: How to kill Arabs and defame Israel at the same time...
But as an old good anti Israel tool, the "Palestinians" serve facsists pretty good, as Christian Amanpour said: it sellls well in the Muslim world.

For, anti Israelism is far stronger and more important than pro Arabism in Islamofascism world.

Just like the "white" Nazis hate "brown" Arabs but will use them against the Jews...

Not one Arab nation wants them and yes, they are still treated bestand most humane is in Israel, despite the terrorism & fear they plague Israel with

Moose4 says:

The Palestinians are seen by their fellow Muslims as a "tool." Nothing else. No Arab nation will give their suffering Palestinian brethren anyplace to settle. Jordan threw them out. Egypt doesn't want them. Saudi Arabia wishes they'd stay downwind. Iran? Iranians are Persian and Shi'ite, they don't like ANY Sunni Arabs.

The only time that Muslims give a damn about Palestinians are when they can use them to blow up Jews. That's it. Other than that, to them, Palestinians are the trailer trash of the Middle East, and no other Muslims want to live next to them. They don't care any more about the fate of millions of Palestinians than they would the fate of a gun. Because that's all they are to them. A tool to kill Jews.

The only country in the world that treats the Palestinians worth anything is...Israel. The very country they want to destroy. That's why I have ZERO sympathy for the "plight" of the Palestinians. They brought it on themselves.

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