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Islamo Arab Lobby - Mafia

In the UN, EU, and in General The Arab lobby crippling police in security Arab lobby and UN The Arab Boycott: Economic War Against the State of Israel Arab lobby functioning through European functionaries, built into the European institutions to influence Europeans The campaigns were fueled by the financial and international political power of the Arab lobby in the UN and the world, which exerted pressure through ... arabian-fights-how-the-saudis-lobby.php Arabian Fights: How the Saudis Lobby Already the Euro-Arab lobby of the powerful replacement theology models Arafat as a Moses, or even ... , casting the Arafatian cult into the Palestinian What Riyadh Buys [in Washington] Delegitimizing pro-Israel voices is priority for Arab lobby after Iraq FBI Polarized by the "Wahhabi Lobby" “Talibans with Oil and a Good P.R. Company” Their Oil Weapon The Politics of Muslim Anti-Semitism

Arab wealth and influence exceeds Jewish
Wealth buys influence. Thirty years of oil wealth have given Arabs wealth that ... is considerably diminished, along with a lot of Jewish lobbying leverage...

Carter's Arab Funding Colors Israel Stance

TRAITORS Arab "americans" see US as ENEMY!

Excerpts from Arab Lobby's cable TV Talkshow

How Arab 'Americans' propogate, whine, imagine, panic!

Tuesday night: May 16 2006

The Arab international cable ART, had a program on it's "Downstairs Cafe" (managed by Aseel Aborno) about how to lobby, how Arab Americans should get involved, to "counter" the (so called) "Jewish lobby".

What is the Arab agenda? Anti Israelism, that's all!

It seems that their entire burning agenda is how Israel is doing, poor group of people have no other issues, but if Israel the victim & the underdog from Arabs' genocide-menace is a bit successful in getting it's message & image across, now, that just kills them.

Never mind the Arabs living inside Israel that their lives are impacted by empowering Israel, then again it reminds us of the 1948 Arab crime on "Palestinians" (then called Arabs, plain) to leave the area (many did) until they -- promised to -- ethnic cleanse the Jews... then, have put them all in shabby camps, denying all aid from reaching the "Palestinians", so that they could play them against Israel's image.

It's, again, not about pro - Arabs as much as anti Israel, racism at it's "best".

They had a guest: prof. Edmond Ghareeb, his title; 'Middle east analyst', he was advocating the idea that Arab Americans should learn from the pro Israel lobby that convinces that Israel is a strategic asset to the US, that it's in all Americans' interest to support her, (here this "professor" had to insert that lying propaganda of course) they convince that it is a democracy (Any proof against that, like Arab women voting in Israeli election, representation in all government branches, equal rights, with often preferential treatments to Arab Israelis over Israeli Jews in Israeli courts, open free speech, what not?).

Even their "moderates" have ridiculous pathetic paranoia

He was 'kind' enough to point out that it's not Jews, but non Jews also (never occurred to him that most non Jews don't need any Jews telling them who's right & who's wrong, I would also ask him then, why call it "Jewish lobby"?), that are in think tanks, lower level of government, journalists, etc. but even a Prof. like him is really diluted that all these journalists that he might perceive as pro Israel (I bet many of them are anti Israel in me eye...) really work in "cooperation" & in coordination", so such libels sounds familiar?

Yes, welcome to Arab Muslim hidden and open dark "theories" rooms, where they describe the individuals they seem to hate as "linked", oh my God, all these individuals must meet every Tuesday night in a secret location on "how to influence".

CNN gets 5,000 emails on an anti Israeli report

He was crying out that why CNN doesn't get any supporting mails from Arab Americans in the anti Israel reporting cases, well, how about the 5,000 emails are spontaneous?

No, the Arab activists can't bring themselves to think that they are just wrong on the middle east, and that most Americans know the overall picture, and there is no "secret get together", silly Professor!

Sam Saad - A lawyer, self proclaimed implant in US government to influence indirectly: "sit down with the -- US enemy"

This lawyer from the midwest: Sam Saad is of Lebanese descent, he tells M. Karram that is against joining the US government (too many dhimmis or apes & pigs?) but advocates to email the congressmen, Sam Saad says to her and to the audiences:

You have more power if you become fiend with them, then you can really influence them, other wise you are just on the side lines (Prof. Edmond Ghareeb interrupts & says: both are needed).

Sam saad: "You have to sit down with the enemy" -- remember that/his statement!

Racist Sam Saad has a problem with too many Jewish representatives

He was really troubled by the fact of 'how many Jewish Representatives', never mind that a Jewish representative does not always mean a Pro Israel Rep. or wise versa, but even a lawyer and "polished" Arab like him has that racial hatred.


All in all, the entire theme was about on how to be anti (so called) J. Lobby, naturally anti Jewish racism came up, even in such an Arab American -- supposedly -- moderate forum, Sam Saad's treacherous outburst and Anti Americanism should also not be ignored..

The Arab Lobby - Mafia, in Latin America too

(Nov, 2006)

So you already know the years long grip on the UN by the Islamo Arab "lobby" mafia, how they control, threaten dictate those rediculous anti Israel resolutions or to torpedo anything US wants done in world security, or to torpedo any step that would condemn the Arab militias and the Sudanese government's most heinous crimes, slavery, and genocide in Sudan, now spilling over to Chad as well.

So you know as well about Eurabia, and the Islamic Arab goliath lobby mafia in Europe, how the EU is afraid of the Arab Muslim immigrants' usual violent intifadahs, though it doesn't help them much , all those EU various Arabist decisions.

But I doubt if you heard about the Arab lobby mafia in S. America, not only in Brazil that has around one Million Arabs (Syrian and others), that push for more ties with Arab nations in Lula's years but Venezuela is largely supported by Lebanese Arab merchants in that S. American country.

It appears that Arabs' hatred is that high against the US that they would rather support a socialist that will nwever accommadate the Quran but anti Americanism is enough to be such a great motive.

"Lobby"? actually too much of a soft term to this gang, What? the Arab lobby ever does something good for Arabs? like helping in Iraq, Lebanon or amng "Palestinians"? of course not, but all they are about is ANTI (like anti US or the poll that shows most UK Muslims are anti west), never PRO anything (just like they support Hezbollah's crimes on their own people in Lebanon in causing civilians to die, because anti Israelism is that of a sacred goal to them).

So now you know why a Christian socialist Chavez -- supported by Arabs -- would risk suicide in dealing with anti-all-west the Jihadi monster: Adolf Ahmadinejad.

And of course do not disconnect all of this to the Islamic Terrorist group Hezbollah finance, channeled from "holy" dirty illegal smuggling at the Paraguay - Brazil border.

Arab Muslim Goliath Lobby Mafia, in central America Costa Rica to relocate embassy to TA, Most would be hard-pressed to guess, but the surprising answer to the question is El Salvador. , Costa Rica's president, Oscar Arias, said Wednesday the move was needed to bring the Central American nation in line with international law and mend relations with Arab nations. Last Two Embassies Move to Tel Aviv

Both El Salvador and Costa Rica, the last two bastions of political recognition of Israel’s capital, have decided to move their embassies from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

They, like many other nations, succumbed to pressure from Arab and Moslem nations which refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or deal with countries who do.

Even though the US has it's embassy in Tel Aviv, the move that JUST happened -- all of a sudden -- is surely connected to (the open secret) Arab Muslims that have financed the Costa Rican Oscar Arias. Fitzgerald: Fighting against the Jihad in Latin America ... Factors militating against Islamic conversions among Latin Americans: ...


The Global Islamic Lobby

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