Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Muslims' Violence in France, takes turn toward planned attacks on police

Muslims' Violence in France,takes turn toward planned attacks on police

Violence in France's tough housing projects takes turn toward planned attacks
on police, In Britain, former Foreign Minister Jack Straw, now leader of the
House of Commons, this month touched off a wide debate about the rights and
obligations of Muslims by saying that he asks devout Muslim women to remove
their veils when visiting his office. Prime Minister Tony Blair said Islam needs
to modernize.

In France, a high school teacher received death threats, forcing him into
hiding, after he wrote a newspaper editorial in September saying Muslim
fundamentalists are trying to muzzle Europe's democratic liberties.

"Many youths, many arsonists, many vandals behind the violence do
it to cries of 'Allah Akbar' (God is Great) when our police cars are
," he said in an interview.

Don't expect the French cowards to arrest the mullahs that incite the "youth", yea Allah Akbar, where did they (Muslim youth) get it (call to the 'Islamic' duty to attack...) from, you think?


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