Monday, October 30, 2006


France's War with Radical Islam (

France's War with Radical Islam (

At war with radical Islam

...It is true, the vast majority of rioters, criminals and agitators in the French "housing estates" have been Muslims, mostly from France's former colonies in North Africa. And it is true their faith is a contributing factor in their violence. Radical imams use the poor conditions in collectivist housing to whip up religious fervour among young Muslim residents...

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France sowed the wind. Now it reaps the whirlwind.
The French colonies in Africa existed only to extract their raw materials using their cheap labor. It was a rape from the beginning. Now the rapees are becoming the rapers.

How very stupid of the French to bring their victims home with them.

The more they give in to them the more they suffer, look at the Intifadah by the (so called) "youth", still raging on there.
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