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The Albanian International Muslim (sex and other) Crime Market & Jihad

Some of the The Albanian International Muslim (sex and other) Crime Market & Jihad

Paedophiles, Cheb sex capital of Europe Captive market, "Girls who've shown signs of disobedience have had their feet cemented into washbasins before being dumped in the Aegean Sea. Others have been horrifically tortured. The Albanian gangs have a seemingly endless supply of women, and their power extends way beyond their homeland to the underworlds of Italy and parts of New York. The victims do not officially exist and are powerless to resist." Most Albanian gangsters are men in their twenties from the backward north of the country. Rather than being based around individual gangland bosses, they are organized in clans bound by an ancient code of honour called kanun. Some of the profits are returned to their homelands.

American Council for Kosovo - Islamic Terror in Kosovo, The collusion between Muslim terrorist groups and criminal gangs in the Balkans has also spawned a criminal network with jihadist sympathies that currently supplies Western Europe with thousands of smuggled humans (most of them Muslims) and with the bulk of its heroin, mostly of Afghan origin. The trade is controlled mainly by Albanian Muslims, with the mujahedeen providing the logistics. ... Pandering to global jihad, in the Balkans or anywhere else...

The Islamization of Europe’s Cities In an effort to end to this perpetual cycle of revenge, the Albanian education ministry ... In Europe, crime seems mostly to be committed by Muslims against ... Winds of Change.NET: 4 HA: Crime, Organized Archives Interview of an Albanian children trafficker with a Terre des hommes member in August ... that men paying for sex with trafficked women should be penalised. ...

La mafia albanese in Italia - Organizzazioni criminali - Guida di ... (The Albanian Mafia in Italy)

Albania blamed for human trafficking. Gangs use Albania to lure women into prostitution. Tuesday, 17 April, 2001. BBC, By Claire Doole in Geneva ...

CRIME: Albania has a high crime rate, with instances of armed robberies and assaults. Caution should be exercised in bars in Tirana – where violent ...

Albanian Mafia in the USA

Jihad - terrorism

NewsFromRussia.Com Two ethnic Albanians arrested over terrorist attack

NATO peacekeepers have arrested two Kosovo Albanian men on suspicion of killing a Serb goatherd in the southern Serbian province, which has been ...

BBC NEWS Europe Trial of Kosovo Albanians begins

Albanian Arrested in Connection with Security Threats

The KLA are the bin Laden-trained, Iran-backed narco-terrorists whose 1999 jihad against the Christian Serbs we helped fight, abetting secession and ...

Certainly the KLA has taken money from the Kosovo Albanian mafia but this does ... Center For Peace in the Balkans - Balkan, Albania, Kosovo, Heroin, Jihad
Albanian solution: Drugs for money for weapons

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I hope you will find some time to learn more on Albania and Albanians, beleive me they are nothing like you describe them in your blog. If there is any nation on earth that is more pro US and pro Israelis is exzactly Albania. Yes there are crimes comited by some Albanians but I can asure you that there are a lot more decent people that work hard to earn their living. On the other heand linking the albanian ordinary crimes to Islamic Jihad or other political or terrorist movment is simply wrrong and mostly fabriicated by Serbo Sllavic propaganda, Albanians are anything but religious fundamentalists let alone to be linked with Jihad or other crazy movements, It is imperative to know that the Albanians national hero (George Castriota) it is the one who in the name of Christianity kept ottoman Turks at bay for 25 years, if not for his resistance, you would have today’s Italy Islamized and that is why he is the most respected national figure to this day by all Albanians, It is in fashion nowadays to describe Albania as a Muslim country but that is NOT true.
Albanians gave to the World Mother Teresa the symbol of love, please if you can’t get yourself to give it back some compassion for it’s harsh history, don’t give it hate in return.
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