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Religion of "peace": If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna...

If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna kill ya

September 20, 2006
If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna killa ya.
`Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Those are the words Pope Benedict uttered that has caused quite a stir. Those words were originally uttered in the 14th century by the Byzantine Emporor Manuel II. Now, contrary to the replies from Muslim fanatics, Byzantine was not Rome, it was mostly in Turkey. In retaliation for commenting on the violence of Islam nearly seven hundred years ago, Muslims killed a nun in Mogadishu. Mogadishu is not in Rome either, it's Africa.

Now, the problem the civilized world has with "certain Muslims" is that we don't want to live in fear of being killed for whatever reason some idiot decides and justifies through Allah. Apparently it can be about any reason they feel like. Some guy in Rome says something you don't lilke, killing an unarmed elderly lady in Africa is OK. That's just bad, bad, wrong.

I've tried for five years to give Islam the benefit of the doubt that only certain radicals are spoiling it all the rest of the world's "religion of peace". However, it just never stops. The killing in the name of Allah just goes on and on all over the entire planet. When Islam dominates a region through violence such as the Middle East, it then turns on itself and Shiites kill Kurds and Sunnis, Kurds kills Shiites and Sunnis, and Sunnis kill Shiites and Kurds. It just never stops. Case in point, as much as the world focuses on the death of US soldiers in Iraq, many many more Iraqis have died at the hands of Muslim "insurgents". They're not even terribly concerned with who they kill apparently so long as they kill.

Emporer Manuel II was 100% dead on right nearly seven hundred years ago. Those Muslims killing an elderly nun in Mogadishu proved it yet again. Unfortunately, we get even more proof practically every single day. And, those Muslims who argue that Islam is the relgiion of peace are completely overwhelmed by evidence to the contrary. The big picture is even scarier because even when Islam gets what it wants, the violence doesn't stop. I'm not a terribly religious person at all, and I detest violence above all things in life. So, you all can probably see where I'm coming from on this. I want the violence to stop. If Islam can do that, it should exist. If all it is going to contribute to the world is what Emporer Manuel II claimed seven hundred years ago, and Mogadishu proved this week, then it really doesn't. It's not offering the world anything at all.

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