Monday, September 25, 2006


ISLAM'S EQUALITY IN TERRORISM, Woman charged with terrorism offences

ISLAM'S EQUALITY IN TERRORISM) Woman charged with terrorism offences Sep, 25, 2006 Woman charged with terrorism offences LONDON (Reuters) - Detectives said on Monday they had charged a woman from Manchester with arranging funding for terrorism purposes. Mehreen Haji, 25, from the Cheetham Hill area of the city, was charged with two offences of entering into funding arrangements "knowing or having reasonable suspicion that it would, or might be used for the purposes of terrorism".

CIA, FBI and other agencies were investigating candidate Clinton's illegal apropriation given by China's army. The advisor that Clinton assigned for cover the channels of communication between the Service of Intelligence called itself Jamie Gorelick. Who is she? Well, between the favors lent by the government Clinton to the Chinese one in reward of the help of campaign, favors that the organs of Intelligence fairly were investigating, was the given permission to a subsidiary of the General Electric for sell the Chinese army equipment that, second was revealed afterwards, served for the making of intercontinental missiles directed to the American territory.

Jamie Gorelick was a lawyer of that subsidiary. But in 2003 she was a representative in the Inquiry Parliamentarian Commission whose main occupation was stifle the responsibility of the Congress by the statement of war based in inexact information and play fault of everything in George W. Bush.

Or it be: the maker of the general blockade that paralyzed the service of security and enabled the attack of 11 of September was in charge of investigate the same faults of security that enabled the attack of 11 of September. What she did? An important article is the disappearance of a DOSSIE file that, a year before of the 11 of September, revealed the presence in American territory of a cell of the Al-Qaeda led by the terrorist one Mohammed Atta, one of the mentors of the attack to the World Trade Center. In the epoch, the investigator of the Department of Defense that be following that trail, the lieutenant-colonel Tony Shaffer, simply was prevented from pass the information to the FBI, that could not dismantle the cell.

The lieutenant-colonel Tony Shaffer denounced all the filth, with the support of the representative Curt Weldon. To big media stifled the history until do it disappear completely. But Weldon said in the CNN that the secretary Rumsfeld is for liberate the Shaffer's testimony.

Weldon and Shaffer are two rottweilers maintained in the collar by the hand of Donald Rumsfeld. The secretary is measuring the size of the trouble that to double is going to arm when he loosen them in the Democrat chicken-run. And it looks that he is beginning to like the idea.
Good job! Great detective work, they deserve a commendation. Always glad to see this sort of progress!

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