Sunday, August 20, 2006


Again for the radical left: Does being anti war 'save you' from Islamofacsists' wrath?

German feds suspect terror network behind train-bomb attempt

Let's try it again:
Does being anti war 'save you' from Islamofacsists' wrath?

As commented in my site:

about Daniel Pipes article on Ariel Sellouk, American Jew, knife-killed by his Muslim 'friend' Mohammed Ali Alayed:

"It did only can be an tipically American Jew (80% Leftist, liberal, at least 75% Democrat voter, crazy Dhimmy) to run that suicidal life risc, standing friend of a Muslim.

All for get clear he did have nothing against his fellow being a Muslim. Well, in the other hand, his fellow had something against his friend being an American - and Jew. Nothing so fair as multilateralism, huh?

Children, learn about that stupid dead lib: before 'Tolerance' and 'Relativism', there's the good old Natural Danger Instinct. In 2 words: Multiculturalism Kills.

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